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how well does the native mouse and keyboard support work?
what reasons are there to use a xim instead? :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Od1n Settings ?
« on: 02:17 AM - 07/14/18 »
I saw Od1n was a really good players does anyone know or could tell me what fortnite settings he    use ?

hey, you can find my full config in the first ~10 minutes of this video:
the copy and paste code for this config is in the video description too

actually just started using mouse for the first time a few days ago lol all I know is that those settings require me to move the mouse very far for a single 360. I have g502 mouse and 2 cloth mouse pads (hyper x and steel series) havent noticed a difference between them

aiming with your arm will require a larger mousepad but will greatly help you to make prediction/precision turns
overall you can turn just as fast as when you use your wrist, all you need is a slightly larger mousepad

since you said you just started with a mouse i highly recommend you to try this tutorial, its a guide on how to find your perfect xim mouse sensitivity:

Doesnt this game have native mouse and keyboard support?

the spam protection is gone after 10 posts, 5 more and you no longer need to answer those questions ;)

General Discussion / Re: Upgrading to ps4 pro?
« on: 02:08 AM - 07/14/18 »
Imo the biggest upgrade with the playstation pro is the additional usb port and the bigger hdd
the additional extra power is nice to have in some games, but its not a huge gamechanger
pretty much only the sony exclusives make some decent use out of it

overall the playstation pro makes the most sense if you dont have a playstation yet

Deutsch / Re: Xim Apex R6 Verzögerungen X1
« on: 02:03 AM - 07/14/18 »

läuft denn die entsprechende xbox config im hintergrund oder spielst du mit der playstation config auf der xbox?
sind die xbox und die playstation am selben monitor/fernseher angeschlossen?

Hello Obsiv, Mist and Od1n,

I did not post directly because I wanted to try first the generic Alpha and I have to say that for now I am enjoying ! Great work here! It is smoother and less issue with the deadzone and I can finally kill a single target over three others without fighting with my mouse 😝

Let’s see now how it is going with curves in order to find the best one but starting point around 9 seems to be correct (at least for PS4)

Thanks again and you took the right decision by offering those options to the community.

Cheers !

thanks for the feedback! :)
How would you rate it in comparison to the xim4 cross controller config?

Awesome work Od1n!

Could you still please respond to the post from alanmcgregor, he also writes here as an important note:

In the Build Mode Sub-Config: Smooth Aim Transition must be Disabled"

Thx and BR

it shouldnt be much of an issue in this config, alanmcgregors config is using a delay on top of the smooth transition which isnt the case with this config
the chance to desync it by switching very fast should therefore be very very small, since the game also has a transition time i dont think you can unsync it unless you spam it like crazy

if you manage to get the config out of sync because you switch too fast i wouldnt use this type of config anyway, it makes much more sense to bind a secondary stairs button that you use instead of your regular ads button
you will have to get used to the new button but thats the only way how you can reliably avoid sensitivity slowdowns without having to use sub configs

so basically just use the first config that is shown in the video, the second one (advanced one) is meant for those that dont like to use secondary building bindings and have a (lot) lower ads sensitivity :)

thank you od1n, how many dpi on the mouse and hz you used for the video?

3200 dpi and 500hz :)

The Generic translators have been released. Again, for Overwatch Linear, choose Generic Alpha and move the first position on the curve to 9 and go from there.

shouldnt you also move the 91th point up to 100 as well?
that way you have a true parallel to the linear default curve, otherwise you have minor acceleration all the way up to point 100
i mean you will have acceleration anyway as its not a game specific ST in the first place, but that way you have slightly less

kind of sucks that the playground mode is gone now, i will try the 360° turn test in the 50vs50 mode later to see whats going on there.

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Apex - Fortnite Config Guide
« on: 11:39 PM - 07/12/18 »
Just in time for the new season, here is the Fortnite config guide
It includes everything you need to know to get the most out of your XIM and the game! :)
This tutorial works for both, battle royale and save the world and doesnt require any background knowledge

great to hear that it works now :)
yeah some cables can be a hit or miss, 5 cables is kind of extreme though!

Support / Re: XIM manager not recognizing Xbox controller
« on: 08:45 PM - 07/12/18 »

could you remove the battery pack from your xbox controller and then connect it directly to the console with one of your data cables?
Does the controller work then? That way we can be sure the controller does indeed work in wired mode and isnt faulty or anything.

In what scenarios is it noticeable the most?
i havent really tried it yet and would look more into it, if theres a reliable way to identify the changes let me know :)

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