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Xbox / Re: Interesting release from Bannco...
« on: 02:33 PM - 03/09/10 »
i agree with toysrme

and if you take a closer look, you can even see a delay in the mousemovements and the corresponding weaponmovements

General Discussion / Re: BFBC2 FYI...
« on: 02:30 PM - 03/09/10 »
you can also take a shotgun, use the specialisation-amo (slugs) and you can instantkill within a 20m range... :/ (used with magnum amo combined)

i hope ea will fix that, pretty unfair imo
you can even snipe with the shotgun and it does more damage than most other rifles on long range

for all of u who have problems with mists config, maybe this one can help you :)

just realized that im actually not using 100% of mists config, so here is the modifcation
it works pretty well for me
(credits to mist ofc ;o)

DPI 1600-1800

Update rate: 120
Deadzone: 6400
Type: square
XY: 2.0
TE: 0.5
Primary sens: 4600
Sencondary sens: XXXX
Smoothness: 0.09

ingame sens max.

I don't mind the controls, but dang does it take FOREVER to get a match going, i mean I could play 3 CoD4 matches before one match is found on BF2 this is pretty crappy if they are trying to compete. . .

thats server-related, too much people are trying to play
ea already said theyll add some more servers withing the next weeks
until then you gave to live with that :p

Xbox / Re: General Consensus on BF: BC2
« on: 06:48 PM - 03/06/10 »
i really like the game, can only recommend it
but im sure you re more interessted into bc2s weakpoints

ofc you shouldnt buy it just because of the singleplayer, even if the singleplayer is imo better than most people say
its just too short

the online-gaming is pretty buggy at the moment, every 1-3 hours the servers are offline cause they cant handle the amount of players :/
then you have to wait ~10 minutes to be able to play again
ea already annouced to increase the server-capacity within the next few weeks, but ill advice you to wait till then
a lot of people are losing their online-stats due to those crashes and it can be quite frustrating to see that all your unlocked guns and gadgets are gone

another disadvantage is the current amount of retared-no-brain-players
from all the games i played today, there where only 2 games in which i wasnt THE ONLY ONE spotting opponents
really, how can it be that hard to press the "back" button once you see an opponent?
you also shouldnt expect a medic to revive you...

but im sure all those teamplay-problems will be gone once the bc2 hype is gone

about the available xim-configs
ill recomment you mists config, it works pretty good
i had to change the deadzone from 12000 to 6400 but then it really felt great :)
(who knows why, people said its a 12k deadzone game...)

all in all id say you should wait a bit untill the server-related problems are gone

just received my bc2 copy and i must admit, the config rocks even more than i thought ;D

perfect job mist, every tiny little movement with the mouse is recognized
same counts for fast movements :)
thanks for sharing it :D

Xbox / Re: Open Your NAT and Get HOST!
« on: 08:05 PM - 03/03/10 »
well thanks for the help, i figured out how it works :)

problem was, that i got a SMC router, and its interface is just so different from all those routers which are used in nat-tutorial-topics

i tried toysrmes method and works pretty good
just enable 88 udp and 3074 tcp&udp in the port-forwarding option and you re done :)

Xbox / Re: Open Your NAT and Get HOST!
« on: 06:22 PM - 03/03/10 »
now im confused ???

my nat is still not open, but i am considering to open it
since there are at least 3 different ways in this topic to do so, which one is the best now?!

Member Projects / Re: Controller - XIM GUI
« on: 01:29 PM - 02/28/10 »
somebody send this man an XIM2. :P
i totally agree with you
we need more stuff like this, so PLEASE... ;)
im sure nates could make it even better with a xim2 ;)

great work mist :)

im glad you made a good config, cause that was an important factor for me weather to buy the game or not ;)
a (good) fps on the xbox without a good config just sucks... :'(

thanks a lot, 1600 dpi configs are kinda rare

im happy for every 1600 i can get ;o

Support / Re: how long
« on: 08:17 AM - 01/13/10 »
for me it was ~5-6 days until i had it at home (international mail)

but it seems like that im an exception, some people waited for weeks :/

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: How does the XIM 2 handle?
« on: 08:14 AM - 01/13/10 »
So, exactly, how does the XIM handle? What can I relate to?

well the xim is pretty close to a pc aim imo
its not 100% pc aim, but id say 80%+

if you stop playing pc-shooters it will actually feel like 100% pc aim (at least for me)
the halo3 profile makes it possible (any other good config ofc as well)

your maximum speed is definitely capped
since i dont use the max. possible speed, i cant tell you where the border is
but in halo 3 it can be fast enough to make an easy 360 with a single movement of the mouse
on the other hand youll get in troubles on long range fights cause of a lack of precision :/

anyways, i hope i could help you

General Discussion / Re: Ergonomic mice?
« on: 08:01 AM - 01/13/10 »
just go into a shop and test all the mice there
do some movements with them, thats all you need for your decision

thats the only advice i can give you
everyone has different hands
some are large, some are small

so even if everyone says "death adder is the sex" it still might not fit to your hands

General Discussion / Re: great deal on itunes
« on: 07:17 AM - 01/07/10 »
11.0 GB (11,838,676,556 bytes)
1,603 Song ....times that by 99 cents and then try to get me to buy music.

a combination of law and police could ;)
a friend of me just had to pay a 800+ fee for downloading a SINGLE song...

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