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Support / Re: mouse and keyboard not working?
« on: Today at 03:51 PM »
No problem, I'm glad it was an easy fix. :)

Support / Re: mouse and keyboard not working?
« on: Today at 03:41 PM »
It should be working then. Please verify the port order is

port 1: mouse
port 2: keyboard
port 3: controller

Also, do you have your console communication method set to USB instead of bluetooth?

Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method

Support / Re: mouse and keyboard not working?
« on: Today at 03:30 PM »
What icons do you see at the top of Manager's HUD screen when everything is connected?

Support / Re: mouse and keyboard not working?
« on: Today at 03:26 PM »
Welcome to the community. Please update to the latest firmware to ensure you're using the latest controller support. This is a manual update that requires a PC or Mac.

You can find the latest firmware below. Please read the instructions on the download page.


Note the communication method change in the instructions, this is required using new controllers.

Of course, I'm glad it helped.

I switched my hz in Global Settings to 1000 and then moved my mouse a bit and the notification went away, does that mean I am using the 1000hz option correctly?

Yes. If you don't constantly see that warning notification then everything is working as intended. You may see this after first startup until the mouse is moved and this is normal.

These are going to be a personal preference. Sprint is usually bound to the left stick button, ads right mouse button and fire left mouse button. Aside from these you should experiment with button placements to find whats comfortable to you in each game.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] xim apex manager not working
« on: Today at 12:58 PM »
That's good to hear, I'm glad it's working again.

This just means that it lost communication with an attached device which is normal when using a switch. If you're finding that switching back and forth isn't stable then I recommend either removing the switch or testing another.

This sounds like a rollover issue with your keyboard. Which keyboard are you using?

Awesome, I'm glad you like it.

General Discussion / Re: Corrupted Configs?
« on: Today at 10:00 AM »
The actions may be different in the game versus the starting island. Look at

1) What action the button does in your game's controller layout screen
2) What you have assigned to these buttons on your config
3) What setting page is active in Manager's HUD. This is below the game picture in the HUD and usually says 'hip' unless another setting page is active. If you don't see ADS or an expected setting page then you're not switching correctly and you need to look at your activation key for that page.

PUBG changes what buttons perform which actions based on the perspective. XIM can't know when you're using FPP or TPP or TPP type a or TPP type b. If things aren't working as expected you will have to use the steps above to find and fix the issue.

Support / Re: Xim4 xbox one headset not working
« on: Today at 09:56 AM »
Welcome to the community. I recommend using the latest XIM4 firmware and starting XIM4 without the headset or stereo adapter attached to the controller. Once XIM4 is finished starting up you can then attach all audio devices to the controller.

You can find the latest XIM4 firmware below. Please read the instructions on the download page.


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Hip X1.1
« on: Today at 08:05 AM »
This is apart of the ST name. For example: BF1-Hip-X1.3 = Battlefield 1 - Hip ST - Xbox - Version 3.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: AFX FIREFIGHT K01 Keyboard
« on: Today at 08:02 AM »
Does it power on and does it show a keyboard icon at the top of Manager's HUD screen?

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