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General Discussion / Re: Xim meme :)
« on: Today at 06:06 AM »

at the moment we do not really know what and how they will do it but i wouldnt worry that much about it, they will probably go for the third party devices that are either easily detectable or contain rapid fire functions like some controllers do

here you can read more about this


yes its compatible with the xim apex and therefore with all the consoles that are supported by the apex :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Battlefield 1 Airplane config
« on: Today at 05:58 AM »
the best way is to setup your jet config in the same way that PC players do fly
here a guide on how to do that


am besten benutzt du eine zweite BF1 config in welcher du die mausgeschwindigkeit sehr hoch stellst, unter advanced keyboard die linke stick taste runter als leertaste binden
so kannst du kreise und der gleichen allein durch das halten der leertaste fliegen, mausbewegungen sind nur noch zur feinjustierung notwendig

so fliegen auch die spieler am PC

hier ein älterer forum-eintrag welcher aber immer noch sehr relevant ist

Deutsch / Re: Hilfe zu einstellung
« on: Today at 04:32 AM »
es reicht einfach eine ADS config zu benutzen (in deiner HIP config nach rechts gehen), dh die ADS config aktivierungstaste sollte der zoom taste in deiner HIP config entsprechen

die XIM ADS config enhält bereits den ads translator :)


you mentioned a xbox360 controller, what specific model are you using?
im asking because it makes quite a difference what kind of controller you use, for example only original wired xbox360 controllers will work while third party ones or even the original controller + play and charge kit wont work
only a genuine wired controller will be accepted by the xim

same for the xbox one controller but in a different way, here it is important to have your xim on the latest firmware as otherwise your xim will not support the new xbox one slim controllers
please make sure your xim runs on this firmware:

now as for the procedure itself, most PC games require you to first connect the controller directly to the pc, then launch the desired game and ensure the controller is working in the menus
once thats the case detach the controller and reconnect it together with the xim
if necessary press the xbox home button on the controller again and your xim should work now

this will vary from game to game and not every PC game will work with your xim
in general the xbox360 controller is the best way to go as its supported by most games

everyone will be able to secure a unit, the launch batch is large enough! :)
charging extra to exploit the current situation is not the idea that lies behind xim, id recommend to spend those additional 50$ on another game that you can enjoy with xim apex once its out ;)

to record voice with your elgato hd60 you need to activate this via its recording software
also you need to mix the volume and when you export the video you need to tick the box to include the chat audio as well

overall you do it 1:1 as explained in the manual, hdmi to the elgato which captures the video + game sound and then a 3,5mm audio jack 4 pole going from the controller to the elgatos voice chat connector
this is how itll work for xbox one, on the playstation you connect that 3,5mm jack to a usb soundcard instead

there are several potential error sources that can cause your issue despite running the setup above, eg you use a 3pole instead of a 4pole connector or your xbox/playstation console audio settings are off, especially on the playstation this can be troublesome as you need to check the device settings, party chat settings and the audio system settings
the elgato has you covered in their manual though, just make sure to follow all steps in there

Deutsch / Re: Hilfe zu einstellung
« on: Today at 12:55 AM »
HIP ist für das hüftfeuer, sprich der reguläre infanterie-modus
ADS steht für Aim Down Sight und beziechnet den zoom bzw kimme und korn modus einer waffe

die beiden szenarien haben in der regel unterschiedliche mechaniken weshalb das xim diese auch getrennte configs anbietet
wenn du zb nur die HIP config benutzt sollten deine mausbewegungen im ADS modus deutlich schlechter sein
zudem kann man so voneinander unabhängige mausgeschwindigkeiten benutzen :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Od1n - Overwatch Question
« on: 08:36 AM - 02/22/18 »
the steady aim is basically replaced by the new smoothing feature which you can now scale in its strength!
im sure you will like it even more than the steady aim, at least all the alpha testers regarded it as a huge improvement over all the steady aim builds :)

Support / Re: Xim apex
« on: 07:28 AM - 02/22/18 »
yes the logitech g13 works with the xim on any console :)
maybe also look into the sony navigation controller which is also xim compatible and even works wirelessly with it

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Od1n - Overwatch Question
« on: 07:25 AM - 02/22/18 »
sure ill add you, though im not the most consistant player as often there are weeks in which i dont play at all
but if im in the game im always up for some games :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Od1n - Overwatch Question
« on: 06:39 AM - 02/22/18 »
i play multiplatform titles like overwatch on the playstation, my halo-box is mainly for the exclusives :)
(big halo fan here lol)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best high-DPI gaming mouse
« on: 06:21 AM - 02/22/18 »
if you want to buy a razer mouse for the xim then you really need to double check the spec sheets of those, most of their models dont have onboard memory and therefore will default back to their factory settings which often means you run with a fraction of the max possible dpi profile, also most of the custom mouse features arent useable with the xim (due to the synapse driver not running in the background)

in reality you will not feel a difference between 3000, 6000, 12000 or even 16000 dpi with the xim
its very noticeable when going from 800 to eg 3000 dpi however if you go beyond that you will hardly feel a difference
therefore you will be more than fine going with a 12000 dpi mouse instead

so either go with the razer models that have onboard memory or consider to eg buy a logitech mouse

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