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Thank you for your contributions Alan...

I've been using your fast build script and its fantastic.

I'd like to pay tribute by donating some cash, but I don't see a donation tab. PayPal account.?

Ouch ok.

Sorry for stating I don't feel it mate, it's not a dig at you it's just my opinion which I thought was ok to express. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick.

I also state in this thread that if it's not perfect then we definitely need a new ST so I agree with you im not trying to make them not change it.... I welcome the perfect ST.

I posted the video to show people the game is still playable.. that's all. I won't do it again.

For the record I am a high sense player compared to most it seems if you look at the 360 cm thread.

Thanks for the breakdown of my gameplay anyway, I'll try and improve

Nah dude...Appreciate the posting of your settings/thoughts on the current state of Fortnite and the vids. Hope to see more of the same in the future.

12000 dpi
13.00 hip
10.00 ADS
This setup is insanely good trust me


Game Support / Re: Fortnite AA exploit
« on: 07:51 PM - 05/20/18 »
The Xim forum isn't the place to discuss Titan or CM macros.


Responses over there can be painfully slow.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite AA exploit
« on: 05:37 PM - 05/20/18 »
Anyone use AA with the Titan 2 game-pack.? I haven't been able to find a good setting for weeks now. 150-50 worked a month and a half ago but no longer and I haven't been able to get working settings since then.

For what its worth my ping in Fortnite is 42.

It can't be just a simple sensitivity increase.
Yes it can because that's what it is.

Where does the extra control or precision come from.?

Just set the point at 10% to 100% or multiply your sensitivity by 10.

Running the newest beta firmware...

Fortnite - I had settled on 10 hip and 5 ads. 1,000hz, common at 12,000dpi. With this curve I'm running 0.98 for both hip and ads, on default and 20 smoothing.. I'm able to run higher sens on ads compared to my hip because the control is sooooo much better. I no longer have to rely on hip firing a shotgun in close quarter engagements...flick to ads shooting is now in my arsenal.

Take a look here...http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=64033.0

I struggled trying to find the PERFECT settings for Fortnite. The curve in that post combined with the settings in my reply there have made a world of difference for me.

This curve is 1:1 because all it does is multiplying the sensitivity by 10. In other words it doesn't change anything.

I don't fully understand the science behind this curve but after trying MANY different settings for Fortnite this curve is a game changer for me....Close, Mid Range, Distance...all good.

It can't be just a simple sensitivity increase. This curve gives me a level of precision that I couldn't obtain before...at any range of engagement.

Rocking G502/hardpad  at 12,000/1,000hz, default, 0.98 for both hip/ads. and 20 smoothing for both. I can't imagine any better settings than these for fortnite...for me anyway.

Thanks again mjfame

Thanks for this.

Apex has been great for me with COD WWII and Overwatch but Fortnite has been giving me fits. Tried this curve and your recommendations...this is the best Fortnite has felt to me.  Just wanted to post to say Thank You.

0.98 for both hip and ads...ads is soooo much better. Won 4 duos in a row this morning.
12,000 dpi...1,000hz...default...smoothing 20

My mouse is not detected when pluged into the Titan 2... BOOORING.

What mouse do you have. I’m starting to wonder if I should of ordered the Titan two or not. Sure seems like 90 percent of people have issues with it.

Its the same for me. I can get the Apex and T2 to work together the standard way but not with mouse through T2.


Here is how I have mine setup, click the link.

Sure you figured it out but I use a different name over at ConsoleTuner.

I saw your other post and bookmarked those amazon links. Thanks again

Your controller might be the issue. The correct place to ask is on the Titan Two forums. I have a thread on here about cable management, and it shows my setup. I had issues with an Xbox One S controller, so I tried another controller, also, you need to make sure all of your cables are good, and that you have enough power supplied to run all your devices.

Jesus, something so simple. Plugged in my XB1X (never even used it before) controller and all works. I did try another controller prior, the S and as you know, it didn't work.

Here I've been ordering switches and cables and the whole time it was a simple controller issue. ConsoleTuner really needs a FAQ. Been frustrated for days and could have easily been avoided.

Thank You

XIM APEX Discussions / Titan Two and Apex on Xbox one x
« on: 09:13 PM - 03/21/18 »
Any of you Apex and T2 guys using the setup with a Xbox One X.? If so, is it plug-n-play.?

I ask because I am struggling to get the set up to work. Bought my T2 a year ago. Back then I had to authenticate with a x1 and 360 controllers but it worked. That was with Xim4 and Xbox One. Now with Apex and the XB1X I can't get the Apex/T2 combo to work.

Using an Elite Controller and G502. I don't use a keyboard. I hadn't used the T2 in about 10 months but have updated the firmware.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Titan Two and XIM Apex
« on: 02:34 PM - 03/20/18 »
Yes both apex and t2 are set to 1000hz

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Titan Two and XIM Apex
« on: 01:29 PM - 03/20/18 »
How I get around this issue on XB1 is by using an IOGear GUS404 (or GUS402) and connecting the T2 to that. I use the IOGear switch to swap my Xim from PS4 to XB1. All I need to do is swap the controller on the Apex and toggle to that console.

Toggle the IOGear switch away from the XB1 and back again. For some reason this resets the controller authentication on the XB1 and allows me to hot-swap the T2, instead of having to go through the cold reboot process every time.
Took your advice here and ordered one last night. Appreciate the help.

Received my  IOGear GUS404. Thanks again.

Sadly, I'm having the same issue. I posted over at consoletuner and providing the link below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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