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General Discussion / Re: Buying xim apex i canada
« on: 07:22 PM - 06/16/18 »
Lol why pay so much extra for it when you can get it from the xim website itself and yes you can trust the xim website I got mine xim in like 2 days or 1 i forgot ps I live in Canada too

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: general discussion category
« on: 11:16 AM - 06/16/18 »
It still there lol

The apex doesn't suppport scripts/marcos but you can use a titan 2  with the apex aka the better verison of the cronusmax or even xim link but since you're coming from the crouns i would recommend a titan 2

General Discussion / Re: Does this mouse work
« on: 05:59 PM - 06/14/18 »
It might but the mouse has no software for changing things and you wont have flexibility with the mouse dpi's as it only has
400,800,1600, and 3200

Game Support / Re: How to lean with macros in R6?
« on: 09:06 PM - 06/13/18 »
This should help you https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=34052.0

If you don't use a Logitech mouse use the software you mouse requireds

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: A few questions
« on: 12:12 PM - 06/13/18 »
No you don't need a titan 2 at all people mostly used it for fornite to help them for building and little things

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: A few questions
« on: 12:02 PM - 06/13/18 »
The Xim apex is the best m/kb device period also people buy the titan 2 so that they can use scripts with the xim

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite | One button building
« on: 06:52 PM - 03/17/18 »
Fortnite Fast Build Macros 2.0. *SEMI-AUTOMATIC*

DEMO: https://streamable.com/uuc9z

First step. Go to settings and be sure Reset Build Choice is ON and Turbo Build is ON

Controller Layout to Quick Builder.

Build = E
L1 = Left Arrow
R1 = Right Arrow
R2 = V Secondary binding on XIM Manager

On XIM Manager at your Fortnite BR ST profile assign a Secondary R2 binding to an unused key on your keyboard (PE: letter V). Now you can use these macros. More details at the end.


Build Wall Macro

Build Stairs Macro

Build Floor/Roof Macro

Build Pyramid Macro

How it works:

These macros build a piece automatically it will pop up, then you can, either:
  • Build more pieces of the same type by pressing and holding down R2 button, or...
  • Use your L1 or R1 bind keys to switch to a different piece, or...
  • Press Build button to switch back to your gun, or
  • Press Build button and then a different Macro button to build a different piece

HOW TO SET Secondary binding for R2 on Logitech Mice
Make sure you Enabled Expert Configuration on your XIM Apex Manager. Open your App, go to GLOBAL Settings and enabled it. Then go back, load your regular Fortnite BR ST... and under the buttons you will see a three dots: ... tapped and a Primary and > slider will pop up, tapped > to Secondary and now you have a new set of buttons to binding a different key, is there where you go to the R2 and bind letter V like the example.

Do I absolutely have to use quick builder to use this?

No you dont

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite | One button building
« on: 07:51 PM - 03/16/18 »
I did everything for the semi auto one but it still not working

De-Atomizer in the very first game with the XIM Apex

What game is this? I looks super easy with the players life always regenerating, an infinite supply of ammo, and the running and jumping around a small map with enemies shown on the radar.

I can't tell if your joking or not but its cod iw

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex News!!!
« on: 12:46 PM - 02/05/18 »
Yeah it even says on the website that is not the final price

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Curious
« on: 05:44 PM - 02/03/18 »
You didn't order it lmao you added yourself to the waiting list. It's not even available to buy

Soooo...you can't wait one week for the finalised product packaging to ensure it's not damaged in transit?

I realised you lot are all aboard the hype train, but dial it back a notch or two and realise OBsIV is running a business and it's in everyone's best interest to ensure what you buy isn't broken in the box. The second any of you get a dud is the second the forum erupts and your "I accept full responsibility" diatribe means absolutely nothing.

Besides, none of you are guaranteed a unit from the first batch. It's first come, first served for those on the waiting list. That's how it's worked for at least the last 4 generations and that's how it'll work here. I can already see the "OMGWTFBBQ?!!? Where's my freaking Apex?!!?!1" wambulance threads.

Time to put your big boy pants on and show some patience grasshoppers. You know it's coming, it's a well-designed and thoroughly tested product that will ship when it's ready.

If they had something better to do with there life it wouldn't be so hard to wait all they are going to do is use mouse and keyboard on console at the end of the day

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