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Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 03:19 AM - 01/16/18 »
Shoutout to LITHE, Big Ol Buddy, Frax and the others for making all of our lives easier! thanks!

Game Support / Re: PUBG XIM SQUAD?
« on: 03:52 PM - 01/15/18 »
I'm in if you'll have me. My k/d is trash because i play with 3 friends who are on xbox so a lot of the time i get merced by squads, but if i get geared out i get 6+ kills.

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 03:50 PM - 01/15/18 »
I've switched to the battlefront 2 ST, and while ive had to raise ADS sense to 120 for some reason to be able to move at all it feels a lot smoother.

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 04:16 AM - 01/13/18 »
Now that we have a more natural way to do ADS.....I'm guessing that a lot of players who got by with no ADS profile on there Xim config will be adding a seperate ADS
 I have a nice little ADS curve that I've been using that has a little kck at the first few points on the ballistic curve and then tapers off to norm at about half way before breaking into a counter curve to combat the remaining acceleration in the game.

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Can I put this in any ST?

But I dont try to be grammatically correct. I would be if this was a formal message + whoever came up with the apostrophe  symbol in the english language is *********************** ***** **************** ******************* *************** ****** ******8 5/#%#&$^$^$^#&%*#^#^#^# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or simply can't.

This is like MurderedByWords but for 5 year olds

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 03:40 PM - 01/11/18 »
I use the wildlands ST but have changed Up and Down from 5/4 to scroll up and scroll down.

Using the wildlands setup so far, won 1 duo and 1 squad today.

Honestly, it doesnt feel too different from the original GoW4 setup i was using 2 weeks ago.

Honestly, I think it is worth it, but you'll still get by just fine with a Xim4.

The biggest difference is the 1ms, 2ms, 4ms and 8ms polling on the Apex.

Xim4 polls at 8ms, which is fine for XB1, but PS4 polls at 4ms. So whilst Xim4 is relatively smooth, having the Apex poll at the native rate (or higher) on PS4 and / or at native polling for the mouse just adds this buttery sheen to the whole experience.

Smoothing is another toy that's been added to the arsenal. It was added to appease the SA build fans and functions similarly to clean up movement along all vectors. Smoothing has a scale of 1-20 and I've run it at 10 in all games. I can't even recall if I can tell the difference when it's running or not, it's just second-nature to bang it on 10 and fire away.

Finally, curves are largely a thing of the past on Apex. As I mentioned previously, RML, who's probably the elite curve producer on these forums, hasn't felt the need to run them on Apex. He typically uses curves to counter aim-assist, but the cut-through on the Apex is sublime, assuming you tweak sensitivity to strike the right balance with stickiness. I'm sure RML will have more to say on that in due time.

There will still be specific use cases where a curve is useful, like a Sprint config in Destiny 2 (I don't use one) or maybe Widow in Overwatch, but for the most part, it's just plug-and-play, point-and-shoot. Ballistics Curves are still there on Apex if we want them and they've been beefed up for improved granularity. For vehicles, I personally use DPI up/down on my mouse rather than build sub-configs on the Xim, but that's another potential use for curves on Apex.

I'm sold. I've been using XIM4 as mostly a plug and play setup (only editing the buttons) and feel im not maximising efficiency.

Would be nice to limit 1 for each customer for the first week so everyone has a decent chance. I mean before the 3rd party business move in and buy them all out and boost the prices to some disgusting amount of money.

I agree with this.

Honestly, I'd like a chance to be able to get 5-10 for small gaming communities in countries where its hard to order (such as russia) but i can see how this could be easily exploited, so i'd side with the 1 per customer rule.

for more infos regarding the apex and its launch check out the new sub forum :)

Doesn't seem to work

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG
« on: 07:53 AM - 12/15/17 »

I've been using colb's GoW4 setup without even tweaking it at all.
In close up circlejerks i lose most of the time, but at range im a machiiine.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG
« on: 04:28 PM - 12/13/17 »
I'm using colb's setup for GoW4. Won 1 and never placed below top 10. Played 5 games.

Support / [Q/A] Is something wrong with my setup?
« on: 01:25 PM - 12/12/17 »
Everyone is mentioning using "7 sens" and "25 deadzone" whereas for my to even barely have any sensitivity on BF1 I need to put the sensitivity to like 400?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG
« on: 01:16 PM - 12/12/17 »
Hey colb, what do you mean deadzone 25?

Is that the setting under Joystick? Mine on GoW4 was 7500??

Hardware Compatibility / Flight Sim Joysticks
« on: 11:41 AM - 10/31/17 »
Hey guys!

trying to figure out if xim4 will work with joysticks like Saitek's X-52 or X-56.

In general would like advice on what joysticks you recommend using for Elite Dangerous on PS4.

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