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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 10:00 AM - 06/07/18 »
I've tried 3 different USB cables and plugged directly into the apex. Nothing.

Tried different controllers also nothing.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 01:05 PM - 06/06/18 »
OK so thanks to the guys at adz for posting a new hub.

Everything worked fine for a while. Turned on my xbox this evening and my mouse and nav are not responding.

Inspecting the app reveals that the mouse and nav symbols are showing but the controller icon isn't there. The controller light is on and it controls my xbox just fine. It's just not recognised on the app and subsequently the mouse and nav are not working.

Any ideas mist? I've tried a hard reset and unplug.

Game Support / Re: [XB1] BF1 + AA enabled [Velocity Mod]
« on: 03:35 AM - 06/02/18 »
We've all been shot at on here at one time or another. That's just what happens when you stick your head above the parapet. But debate is good, so carry on debating.
100% agree. Be the exception, not the norm. Disagreement and debate are healthy. Disruption creates progress. Having all of us scratching our heads has been a good thing :)

Anth you're such a troll!

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 01:23 AM - 05/30/18 »
I've been in contact with the guys at adz. I think they are going to help me out with a replacement hub as I live in the UK. I'll report back and let you know if it resolves the issue. Thanks

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 05:37 PM - 05/29/18 »
I don't mist, do you think it's port 3? Possibly not making contact properly with the USB?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 04:23 PM - 05/29/18 »
One moment the apex works, the next it doesn't.

I can be gaming for a few hours in the evening and when I go back to it the next morning nothing. The xbox controller light doesn't come on.

I just tried as you suggested to remove the nav and left just the controller and mouse connected. Turned on xbox one and nothing. The light of the Controller didn't turn on.

The only way to get the controller to turn on seems to be by inserting it into the nav port (2) of the apex hub. The Co trolley light comes on. I then switch it back over to port 3 but now my mouse and nav doesn't seem to be recognised.

I unplug everything and plug it all back in... Everything in the right hub slot. Connect apex to xbox and everything flashes up as normal... Xbox Controller comes on, mouse lights up and nav all working.

I'm finding it difficult to hone in on the issues because it seems to be so sporadic.

What should I try next mist?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xbox controller not working
« on: 03:55 AM - 05/29/18 »
Hi guys,
I bought a xim apex from you guys on release week and I've had sporadic issues with the xbox controller not being recognised by the apex. I have tried various solutions as suggested on the xim forums but nothing has stopped the issues. The xim4 just worked... Everytime. Turn on xbox and you're away. The apex is becoming slightly frustrating (by slightly I mean very :)

I switch on the xbox and nothing.

When I plug the controller directly into the xim apex by bypassing the hub the controller turns on which is leading me to belive that the issues lies in the hub. A hard reset of my xbox isn't helping either even with pulling the mains cable out for 60 seconds as mist4fun suggested on the forums.

Could you assist?

Many thanks

Thanks for sharing havoxx. You are such a nice guy.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: A4tech bloody mouse v7
« on: 03:15 PM - 05/22/18 »
Now works with 1000hz apex and 1000hz mouse on xbox one. Just ensure that any pause Between y movements is a multiple of 2. It's smooth and sexy just like antithesis

Hardware Compatbility / Re: A4tech bloody mouse v7
« on: 09:18 AM - 05/21/18 »
Kinda defeats the purpose of owning an Apex if you're limited to 125Hz.

I also assume the AR code is going to stack with intentional downwards mouse movements unless you set a threshold to disable AR, which is cleaned up in Titan scripts.

Anyway, RF and AR discussion is not permitted here, even in the Xim Link forum, so best keep this to yourself my furry friend.

I wasn't aware that discussing hardware that gives you a competitive advantage was off limits on a forum based on hardware that gives people a competitive advantage.

Don't bite :)

Hardware Compatbility / Re: A4tech bloody mouse v7
« on: 04:38 PM - 05/20/18 »
Sad day, replying to my own post but hope it helps other cheaters like me in the future.

If you want anti recoil to work when using an a4tech v7 macro mouse then follow the steps below ;

1. Set apex to 125hz. Remember to unplug and replug to activate the changed polling rate.

2. Change the bloody mouse polling rate to 125hz via the pc based mouse software which you can download on the bloody official site.

3. This is the secret sauce.... When you use the software to set a delay between anti recoil actions, ensure you use a delay that is a multiple of 8ms.

All of the above ensures a consistent anti recoil effect in game as mouse, apex and xbox one all talk to one another in sync.

You're welcome.

Hardware Compatbility / A4tech bloody mouse v7
« on: 10:15 AM - 05/19/18 »
Can anyone offer some advice... Here's the situ.

I bought this macro mouse which has internal memory. The mouse allows for rapid fire and anti recoil (bring on the hate)

For some reason the rapid fire works... I set the interval between shots on the pc software, plug it into the xim apex and hey presto. Rapidfire bang bang bang.

On the other hand anti recoil works sporadically. On the pc I set the mouse to pull down a set number of pixels in the - y direction. I set a delay then this loops. On pc this translates to the mouse moving down smoothly when I shoot.

On xim apex - y movements are only registered every now and then, there doesn't seem to be any consistency.

The bloody mouse software allows you to change the polling between 125, 250, 500 and 1000. I've tried each combi thinking that it's some sort of desync between the mouse talking to the apex.

I've also tried different xim apex polling speeds to little success. I've not tried every combination of mouse/apex polling rates as yet.

Just wondered if I'm barking up the wrong tree all together. No reason why rapidfire works but anti recoil only works sporadically. Maybe those who are titan users may have some secret sauce for me?

Cheers gize

Aim assist is all placebo
Oh, so you're just being cute. I'm onto you frash ;)

How do you figure that frash? I'd think that'd be the consensus finding.

12K DPI and 1000Hz polling is more likely to induce jitter than 3200 DPI and 500Hz due to higher sensitivity to micro-movements. That in turn amplifies environmental imperfections like mouse pad surface and hand shake. Using a hard pad can mitigate that compared to cloth pad.

Likewise, you should feel less AA at 12K DPI than 3200 DPI due to reduced sensitivity granularity, ie a smaller sweet spot at higher DPI. There's basically a 4 x sensitivity range increase at 3K vs 12K, e.g 10.00 to 11.00 at 12K gives 100 points of resolution, whereas 40.00 to 44.00 gives 400 points of resolution for the same mouse speed.

I used to play at 12K and could barely feel AA and wondered what RML was banging on about with his anti-AA curves. That was until I reduced my DPI and figured out I was cutting right through AA at 12K.

There's a very noticeable AA threshold that easier to find at reduced DPI. That stands to reason as your effectively dialling down control sensitivity, just as you would by reducing in-game sensitivity settings. Try doing that and you'll find that AA is higher at lower sensitivity settings.

Aim assist is all placebo

Try both settings and choose the one you like the most.

Lower DPI tends to mean more AA and less chance of jitter.
High DPI tends to mean less AA and more chance of jitter.


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