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XIM APEX Discussions / MOVED: Xim Apex problems
« on: 05:07 PM - 06/17/18 »

PLEASE READ: This Beta drop contains only a Manager update when compared to on our last Beta update. Please continue to use the Firmware included in the last Beta update (20180501) with this new Manager.

This is preproduction (Beta) firmware/software that is being made available to the community to help us test and improve our product. Please try it out and provide feedback here on the Beta board -- it's very important to us!


[NEW] EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance update (Manager)

[NEW] Manager displaying incorrect font FIX (Manager): Fixes an issue with some phones/tablets where some of Manager's UI is using a mismatched font.

● Improved hardware compatibility (firmware): Improves general USB input device hardware compatibility overall.

● Improved Bluetooth connection robustness (iOS Manager): Improves both pairing and connection robustness for XIM APEX Manager for iOS.

● Manager displaying incorrect language FIX (Manager): Fixes an issue where XIM APEX Manager isn't using the primary language set on the phone/tablet.


Download XIM APEX Manager 20180528 for iOS
iOS 8 or higher

PM OBsIV your AppleID e-mail address to join for our TestFlight.
If you are already on our TestFight, you will receive an invitation automatically.

Download XIM APEX BETA Manager 20180528 for Android (APK)
Android 4.4 or higher

Download XIM APEX Manager 20180528 for PC
Windows 10/8.1/8 x86/x64


Download XIM APEX BETA Firmware Tool 20180501 for PCWindows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64

Download XIM APEX BETA Firmware Tool 20180501 for Mac
macOS 10.11 or higher

Flash Upgrade Instructions (instructional video):
1. Hold down the button on your XIM APEX
2. Plug your XIM APEX into your computer while continuing to hold the button
3. Wait for your XIM APEX's light to display blue and then release the button
4. Download and run the XIMAPEXFlash tool
5. Select Update Firmware
6. Disconnect your XIM APEX from your computer after the tool completes

Tutorials / MOVED: Apex won't work
« on: 11:08 AM - 05/22/18 »

XIM APEX Discussions / MOVED: To the XIM team
« on: 10:04 AM - 05/20/18 »

Game Support / MOVED: Xim Apex
« on: 12:07 PM - 05/15/18 »

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