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XIM 4 Discussions / MOVED: What a product...
« on: 02:23 PM - 10/20/17 »

Tutorials / MOVED: XIM4 does not work
« on: 02:28 PM - 09/12/17 »

XIM 4 Discussions / MOVED: Big thanks
« on: 08:59 AM - 09/11/17 »

Release Candidates / Calling Samsung Galaxy S8 owners
« on: 07:46 PM - 08/18/17 »
UPDATE: We've learned from a community member that the presence of an app called Bixby Button Remapper is causing XIM4 Manager to crash. If you aren't running this app and XIM4 Manager is still crashing, please let us know here.

We've been seeing reports of XIM4 Manager crashing on startup on the Samsung Galaxy S8. We need to address this as soon as possible so if you own this phone we ask for your help.

If you have an S8, please let us know if you are able to run the version of XIM4 Manager in the Google Play Store without issue.

Otherwise, please install this test build by:

1) Uninstall any prior version of XIM4 Manager from your phone
2) Download the test APK from: http://cloud.xim.tech/Beta/XIM4Manager-20170818-Android.apk
3) Run it
4) Follow the instructions from your phone to install it

Please provide feedback here.

Thanks for your help.

Game Support / MOVED: xim4 is the best BO3
« on: 02:50 PM - 08/13/17 »

Playstation / MOVED: The Xim4 are bad
« on: 09:05 AM - 07/21/17 »

Feedback / MOVED: Xim4 Controller Yellow Flashing
« on: 05:08 PM - 07/12/17 »

As many of you already know, the director of Overwatch posted his disapproval of the use of devices like ours on consoles.

After this, Kotaku approached me to comment on this for the purpose of an article they were writing about it (which I did).

For the record, I wanted to give you my full response to Kotaku so you can understand our stance on this and share with others:

Why did you create XIM?

XIM started 9 years ago as a goal of mine to be able to play Halo with a Wiimote (http://youtu.be/Rk4WLtuf-ME). I published my method which was then picked by up Engadget and people stated contacting me asking if I could make a mouse and keyboard work on consoles. I quickly discovered that making a mouse feel right on a console shooter is a really hard problem and what made it harder is that every game is different. Over the years I developed and perfected the proprietary technology behind XIM?s mouse translation system which makes a mouse feel natural on a console. It is this quality that XIM is known for and is what sets us apart from all the rest.

How do you respond to allegations that XIM gives an unfair advantage to its users and could make games like Overwatch less fair for everyone?

Mouse vs. Controller is a very heated and confrontational topic that you see all the time online (as we are seeing here now). When people talk about ?mouse? they are always thinking about it in the context of PC shooters, not console shooters ? which is a big difference. All shooters have an aiming system that governs how the reticle can move on-screen. On PC, this system is unrestricted ? you can aim at incredible speeds. This isn?t true for consoles ? where the game is designed for controllers. This restricted aim means that you cannot achieve aim beyond what a controller can do. XIM works in this framework (just like all console peripherals ? Elite and Scuf controllers, steering wheels, arcade sticks, etc.). XIM isn?t about an advantage, but, for the many people out there like myself who cannot game well using a thumbstick, it?s about not having a disadvantage. It?s about using a control method that simply suits you best. It turns their console gaming experience into something fun where people can game again with their friends.

How do you respond to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan's strong statement against your type of hardware?

It?s unfortunate really, but understandable given all the false information you see out there. I mentioned before about PC ?unlimited? aim vs. console ?limited? aim ? this means that XIM doesn?t give you PC aim on consoles (it can?t). It doesn?t transform the user into a gaming god (as any XIM gamer can attest to). Also, there are also blatant cheating devices out there that provide the ability to rapid fire and exploit the game. XIM specifically doesn?t and will never support features like this ? it?s not in the spirit of the product. All this being said, people will always want to use XIM even if games like Overwatch were to add native mouse support to their game. Reason being is because controller players, in general, don?t want to be matchmade against PC mouse players online. That is certainly unfair and will cause fragmentation in their user base. This all comes down to perception. I hope that those that still have a negative perception will see XIM as just another console input device that you choose based on preference.

Do many disabled gamers use XIM?

Yes! It?s incredible to see XIM grow to where it is today ? it?s an incredible achievement. But, nothing humbles me more than when I get a mail from someone with disabilities thanking me for making it possible to play games with their friends. Or a parent thanking me for giving their child joy through that experience ? as a parent that?s a big deal to me. This is why I want XIM to be the best way for people with disabilities to enjoy console gaming and will continue to make that happen.

Release Candidates / Steady Aim [ADVANCED USERS ONLY]
« on: 05:39 PM - 01/04/17 »
(Creating a new thread to consolidate all conversations on this topic and experimental builds.)

This topic is for experienced XIM4 users that understand what XIM's mouse-advanced settings are.
If you are new to XIM4 or don't understand the terminology below, please do not use these builds.

This is a series of experimental firmware builds designed to improve the "Steady Aim" advanced mouse setting. Steady Aim originated as a request by the community to modify mouse translation output to better utilize CoD's AA system. Through community feedback Steady Aim has evolved and improved for that task with a desire to extend to other games. Please provide feedback on these builds so that we can improve this setting.

Steady Aim firmware builds (use "gold" Manager 20160405 with these experimental firmware drops):

SA0linkYes, values 1-100 onlyDoes not support Slim/Pro consoles
SA1linkYes, values 1-100 onlyDoes not support Slim/Pro consoles
SA2linkNoMatches STv1 less than max turn speed
SA3linkNoMatches STv1 at any turn speed
SA4linkNoCombines qualities of SA0-SA3 based on feedback
SA5linkYes, values 1-100 onlyAdjustable version of SA4, Boost=50 close match to SA4
SA5-NPDlinkYes, values 1-100 onlySA5 without Progressive Delay
SA6linkYes, values 1-100 onlySA1 with Slim/Pro console support

Please provide feedback here (especially for more recent builds).

General Discussion / MOVED: What a product
« on: 12:42 PM - 01/01/17 »

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