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General Discussion / Media gallery request.
« on: 07:43 PM - 02/21/18 »
So heres a good idea. At the very top where it home, help, search, etc. How about we add a tab that adds media to the forum.

In this media section users are allowed to upload images and videos of xim usage, funny moments or anything except discreet pictures and pron.

 You can add tags as well and the user can comment on the video or picture.

Here is 2 example from my home website is82.

I was just wondering, is the only way to detect that you are outside the dead zone, a sequence of lights again? Or is there something better added? I remember on the xim3 we had a picture of the controller and when you where outside of the deadzone it showed you and then you where able to adjust it until you found your sweetspot.

General Discussion / How many posts to become vip?
« on: 04:25 PM - 02/21/18 »
Just wondering, lol.. I feel like its 1,000 or a status given by adminstrators. We need a new ranking system, it would be a great adition to the forum.

Whats up guys, havox here.

I see a lot of new faces around these forums eager to get their hands on the apex! With the release of the apex coming soon, a lot of you have stated that you never have owned a xim before?

I just would like to know; how did you hear about the xim products?

My story.

       I started gaming on PC back in the early 2000s. The first pc game i ever played was codename eagle, the first battlefield game. I ended up becoming a gamer because of this game. I ended up playing; bf1942, bf2, cod1, cod2, coduo, cod4, all the cs games and halflife and then the storm came...All my friends playing on consoles and i was the only pc gamer left i knew. So i baught my xbox 360 and baught cod waw.

When i first encountered a xim user.

       I was playing call of duty world at war, someone entered the lobby that had a clan tag that said XIM, and this guy was fearless. Strafing left and right, dodging every bullet i put at him. He killed our whole team twice in seach and destroy.. It was really unbelievable..I really thought this kid was using mods. So i ended up sending this kid a message.. He laughed at me when i said he was using a aimbot with his controller. He said just google search xim technology. The day i did this was the day a baught my xim2 and never picked up a controller for gaming uses again. After i had my xim2 for a while, i ended up getting the 3 (no edge) and then 4 was released. I got all of these products because they where fast and smart. I remember making a thread saying, well what do i do with mt xim3 now? No one really know what xim really was then. I think it was mist that told me i have a nice paper weight handy lol.

Well guys lets hear those storys! New to this forum or old i am in the mood to hear everyones stories!

when the apex is released i will let you guys know if this works..My back button is broken on my wireless controller, so with the xim4 i was able to asign it to another key but i kinda sold that lol.

Long story short i got the PowerA controller for only 10 dollars with trade ins (my controller with the broken back button lol and a audio device that plugs into the bottom.)  If the controller works 100% when i get my apex i will be reporting back to this thread to tell you guys if this is safe to use!


I am just wondering. I rarely shut down my console. I really do not want to unplug and plug back in everytime for use.

Yay 400th post!

XIM APEX Discussions / No more broken USB cables
« on: 09:41 PM - 02/16/18 »
I am actally excited for this. No more micro usb hook up to power the device on. I went thru about 3 different cables lol

I find fortnite and pubg very bad games.. How does one actually like such a series? I have been gaming sense 2001 and when i played both of these games for about 4 hours each, both games are just... Meh. I won 3 games in solo of pubg, and my first game of fortnite but both of these games feel like disappointments to me for the future of games. After the success of both of these games, many big hit series are going to attempt to make something such as the whole battle royale system.

I dont know.. What is your opinion on 1 vs 100 games? 

Game Support / Sword art online fatal bullet st?
« on: 11:10 AM - 02/08/18 »
This game will be release in 15 days from when this thead was posted.

Will we have xim support or will we have to use a random st to try and match the gamestyle? I dont know how much people will demand it, but its a great mmorpg to play with friends. If your reading this and dont know what sword art online is google and watch the dubbed series. You will bindge watch lol

XIM APEX Discussions / How does the waiting list work?
« on: 11:09 AM - 02/05/18 »
Is it first come first serve, or do members that been here longer qualify to purchase it first? Just wondering because i would hate to wait 4-5 months for it to be in stock after they sell out.

Commander / Can anyone confirm this?
« on: 10:17 PM - 12/10/17 »
Does anyone use sandhawc and AMD, i  was reading the requirements for Easy Transfer Cable and it says "Requires Pentium processor-based computer"

Now when i had my old PC it was a AMD biased computer but if i was running Intel, it would of never crashed 500 million and one times?

Just got a laptop that is Intel based, when i get my cable on next monday ill let you guys know if this is the reason over all the errors. If not i am going to return it from amazon and get a T1.

XIM 4 Discussions / 800 DPI vs 12000 DPI
« on: 01:52 PM - 12/05/17 »
I have been doing lots of testing with this with my logitech g502...

All my DPI testing where done with a 18 inch monitor, 1280x720, DVI input for the Xbox one S console. Using a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB tunable gaming mouse, 1000 pulling, with a large sized cloth mouse pad.

What i have noticed with the 800 DPI the AA strength is amazing and can help your aim, but this will cause the AA bubble and give you hit markers.(GAMES WITH AA) Even with a little bit of a curve will require over 50+ Sensitivity for ADS and HIP.  With snipers shots are always on point no matter what game i play, D2 WWII, Bf1, R6S. Same thing goes for almost any gun because the aiming is very smoothed out. The only thing that makes 800 DPI unplayable for me is the fact that when i use more than 80 xim sensitivity, my mouse feels jittery..

Switching this up to 12000 DPI. You do not need a curve to reach a higher turn speed. There is no point what so ever. The only thing you need to do is adjust the curve lower than the maximum turn speed for more AA. This requires real low sensitivity on the XIM itself. I run a 10 for HIP and a 5 for ADS in almost every game i play. Using 12k DPI gives the most out of your mouse making the mouse more responsive and no jitters.

Over all I played COD majority of the time in ranked play. I tested 800 DPI out for 10 matches on either of the game modes, SD,HP,CTF and in search and destroy i did amazing. really just amazing dropping 18 kills one game 15 another but when it came to respawn game modes, i went severally negative. When i say that i mean 8 and 22, 7 and 36 like it was like i could not even aim at the characters with out getting a bunch of hit markers. I even tried to camp in corners in hardpoint and still got turned on.

Well finally today came and I switched my mouse back to 12K DPI. I never seen such a change in my life to be honest. I won almost every gun fight i have been in. No AA bubbles, not jitters, the game felt absolutely amazing. I even ranked up all the way to Platinum!

So my suggestion is the people trying out 800 DPI. Do not put yourself threw that. It really does not optimize your game play. MAYBE on PC but consoles? NOPE! 12K DPI really makes the most out of the XIM4. Thank the Devs for the XIM4 lol

Someone else want to add something? Comments Questions? Tell me a story as well.  :P

Hardware Compatibility / Brand pk 900 anyone got this??
« on: 11:24 AM - 12/02/17 »
It has a lot of led lighting on it, I doubt the lighting would work.. But other than that this keyboard was made for the XIM, it has a phone holder lol

Anyone got the pk900???

To do this you need..

Xbox one chat headset
One RCA Red/White Cable
3.5mm Jack to RCA
6.35 Jack to 3.5mm adapter
One receiver with a Optical Audio input
Another receiver or small audio device with 2 inputs that can overlap one another
Soldering iron
Electrical Tape
Optical Wire

Take your optical wire and hook it to the back of the xbox.
Same thing to receiver
Go into settings Display/Sound, Audio Output, Select Optical Audio
Go into settings Display/Sound, Volume, Party Chat Output, Headset
Hook the 6.35 Jack to the 3.5mm Jack RCA cable
Plug The left and right into the correct colors
Now the fun begins...
Cut the RCA RED cord in half.
Cut the RCA WHITE cord in half.
Slice them open and Wrap the ground together.
Same thing with the xbox head set cut the chat piece off where the headset meets the Mic/Speaker
Do the same thing with the Red/White cord, then wrap grounds to grounds
Slice the wires open and Wrap the ground with the other ground
Be careful with the BLUE and GREEN wires on the xbox chat cord.

Now tape the wires up.
Your product should look something like this:

Now once you plug in your chat pad, The receiver that has the 2 inputs in the back of it controls the volume All together. The receiver with the optical audio controls game volume


Well good luck!

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