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I just got a deathadder. (left handed) the dpi settings are on a razor app,can I link the app with xim4 manager so I can increase the dpi for gaming?

Support / [Q/A] lefthanded cod console player
« on: 03:43 PM - 01/09/18 »
I just got the XIM4,Iam not use to playing games on pc,the mouse part is no problem but I cant get the hang of the movement on the keyboard. I like the gaming keypads with the built in analog stick but I'm left handed and they don't make them for left hand.I'm a cod player would a mouse and joystick work? help please.

Hi,I'm a xbox1x call of duty console player,
I just ordered the XIM and waiting for it to arrive,Ive never played games on pc.Is there a analog stick like the one for PS4 I can use with my mouse and not a keyboard?

I have never played any game on pc.lol how hard will it be to make the change? any one change over.thoughts?

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