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General Discussion / Cronus max and APEX
« on: 06:59 PM - 03/17/18 »
I'm going to get in trouble for asking this but here it goes. lol  . if I'm using my Apex at 1000Hz and the cronus cant run 1000Hz, whats that going to do to my performance? for what its worth I use the cronus with the sony nav so I only have to press analog stick forward instead of in to sprint. [its harder to press analog stick in holding it with one hand verses a controller with two] 

Support / [RESOLVED] APEX controller issue
« on: 08:57 AM - 03/11/18 »
 I'm having the same problem, I got the apex 5 days ago its worked perfect. turned on xbox1x this morning and its not detecting the elite controller. if I plug the apex in alone without  usb plugged in it does the same thing, it goes from red,yellow,green blue, to red. the same if I got the usb hub plugged in with g903, Sony nav.  I tried a hard reset of the xbox also.

Support / [Q/A] smoothing
« on: 06:47 PM - 03/07/18 »
my question is if I'm running mouse at 1000 polling and the apex at 1000,and the smoothing at 5,  what would that reduce it too if anything?

Support / [RESOLVED] Apex wont connect to laptop
« on: 01:10 PM - 03/07/18 »
it says at bottom of the apex window, unable to connect xim apex running in wired config mode. I never have a problem with the xim4 . my laptop is detecting it and it shows up on list. do I need to plug the apex into my laptop and update the firmware first?  I deleted apex manager and reinstalled, a window poped up -xim apex manger .exe-ordinal not found...the ordinal 4684 could not be located in the dynamic link libaryc;\program files [x86]\intel\icls client \ssleay32,dll,

XIM APEX Discussions / where did you buy the apex
« on: 06:04 AM - 03/01/18 »
Ive been on a waiting list for months, when I find out through the grape vine there sold out!

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex
« on: 05:27 PM - 02/27/18 »
Is tomorrow going too be the day?lol

General Discussion / joycon con.
« on: 02:46 PM - 02/24/18 »
does everyone no how to connect the joy con to the Xim4?

Hardware Compatibility / venom x nunchuck experiences?
« on: 04:12 PM - 02/22/18 »
does any one know if the venom x numb chuck works on the xim4 ,if so how's it rate against the Sony nav.?

Support / [Q/A] powered usb hub
« on: 08:59 PM - 02/21/18 »
I'm running a wireless Sony nav. and g903. how do I hook a powered usb hub up. Will it add any lag?

General Discussion / boost
« on: 03:38 PM - 02/19/18 »
I'm a cod player, is there any use for boost in that game[what is boost]on ms for ADS is lower faster? Should I set my dead zone as high as I can on Sony nav. but not where it moves on its own[will that make it more responsive]

Support / [Q/A] turn speed on cod ww2
« on: 11:49 AM - 02/16/18 »
can anyone tell me why I'm getting max turn speed lights flashing when hip sen. is set at 11.With 12000 dpi and 10000 polling? I don't see anything visibly but the lights are flashing. If I turn off turn speed nod I don't see lights flashing. Also I aim and move mouse with wrist not arm so its not big movements.

XIM APEX Discussions / when?
« on: 04:50 PM - 02/15/18 »
when is it coming out? I'm on the waiting list, I guess they will contact me.

Support / [Q/A] Sony nav. controller
« on: 02:39 PM - 02/14/18 »
Can I use the Sony nav. controller wirelessly on the Xim4,if so how?

XIM 4 Discussions / hip fire on cod ww2
« on: 01:36 PM - 02/12/18 »
Is there a trick or setting for hip firing, I have my hip Sen. set where I don't need a lot of hand movement but if I have to hip fire its way to fast. I think there's a activation button on ads ,is there something like that for hip firing?

General Discussion / sensitivity
« on: 06:30 AM - 02/10/18 »
playing with a 12000 dpi mouse on COD WW2,with a hip @3 and ADS @ 1.5 it seems with I'm skipping pix.I set my dpi as low as I could but where I could still make a 180 degree turn with not much hand movement.I cant see it visually but playing in game makes me feel dizzy. When it don't in a regular game with the controller .any advise? my ballistic curve looks like this-   I/

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