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XIM APEX Discussions / Usb recommendation for apex
« on: 09:22 AM - 01/14/18 »
Hi od1n

I just watched your quick Start video guide And in it you made reference to high quality usb cables.

Do you have any recommendations as to which cable to use when connecting my xbox one controller to my xim.

I just picked one Out of the cupboard and it seems to work but would like to know thatnl im using the best-quality cable for my new upcoming apex.

Thanks a lot 

XIM APEX Discussions / Unveil video
« on: 11:10 AM - 01/11/18 »
They are: antithesis, BlessUp, colb, He4DHuNt3r, mist4fun, Od1n, piiwii, RML, singlecoilpickup, tuffrabit, and W11cE. And frashbrang.

 You're welcome.

Nice Game play chaps but i was hoping to see the device and some nitty gritty info. I wanted to see the dongle and the hub and the USB slots and some pics of the new manager. I wanted you to tease us with your thoughts.

Game Support / Ghost recon ghost war
« on: 04:27 PM - 12/28/17 »
Is there a way to counter the god awful input lag in this game. I wouldn't care about this game at all but ghost war is actually very fun.

Using my own brain, I've deduced that you don't feel the input lag when using controller because the thumbstick isn't as sensitive as mouse and xim.

Would boost help?

Hardware Compatibility / Sugru, nav controller and g502
« on: 02:04 PM - 12/25/17 »
Hello wonderful people of xim,

Was bought some. Sugru for Xmas and have decided to mod my navigation controller and G502.

Not the neatest job or prettiest but it's given me access to 2 extra buttons on the nav without having to remove my left thumb from the analog stick. By simply adding a blob to the buttons and raising their profile has improved the functionality.

Had some sugru left over and decided to add some to my G502 - again it allows me to access buttons without repositioning my hands.

Should probably have used the black sugru :)

General Discussion / I have no friends
« on: 01:42 PM - 11/20/17 »
If you play destiny 2 on pc add me and whisper the secret words to me and we can be friends forever.

Most of my friends have stopped playing destiny 2 because they are pining over destiny 1. Get over it, move on I say.

I, on the other hand love D2, I love it more than my entire family put together. So should you want to play trials or raid with me add me on battlenet, my gamer tag is frashbrang#2144

P. S. The secret words are "I love xim and RML"

My vision - 100 battlenet friends all using xim4, being able to log on at anytime to be greeted with fanfare and go flawless every weekend. Worship me my disciples x

XIM 4 Discussions / Ideas for xim5
« on: 04:09 AM - 11/19/17 »
I would like to start by saying, I love my XIM4! The product is fantastic and the supportive community really adds to It's appeal.

OK now I've said something nice, you're going to implement the following changes for me :)

1. The ballistic Curve has an indicator to show the speed at which you are moving your mouse. The actual line(or curve) on the graph fills up from the left to indicate how fast you are moving your mouse very much like a digital rev meter in a car.

Imagine the potential for tweaking your sensitivities, dpi, boost? Rml, havoxxx, antithesis etc could create some smashing curves that are matched to exact sensitivities. Ballistic curves would become more of an exact science rather than trial and error, you could work out, with the help of the visual feedback, the exact speed at which your curve should ramp up for a quick flick or when your curve should be completely linear for accurate aiming.

I'm assuming (excuse my technological ignorance) that this technology is already being used in the xim4 device itself as it knows when you exceed the max turn speed as it flashes to tell you.

2. Increase the response rate/polling from. 8ms to a more competitive 5 or 2 Ms. Overclock the hell out of it guys.

I'd pay good money for these changes, confirm and I'll pre-order mine now! I'll pre order 2!

I just wanted to confirm that this device works with xim4 please.


I'd like to know if the analog stick works as a true analog stick and not wasd.

And also if all buttons on the left hand device are recognised by xim4.

I don't care for the mouse as I will stick to my G502.

It would be great alternative to the nav with more buttons to hand.

Crossing my fingers cheers guys

Game Support / Destiny 2 aim assist
« on: 04:12 AM - 10/15/17 »

I spent the afternoon dialing in my ads curve and sensitivity for the my main weapon of choice, the prosecutor.

The process basically consisted of adjusting my sensitivity up if I was under aiming and down if I was over aiming.

Once I got as close as I could with adjusting sense I proceeded to increment the steepness of my ballistic Curve. Basically clicking on the right arrow to take the setting to the next point on the ballistic curve and clicking the plus symbol at each step. (will link the ads ballistic Curve I'm using later, my xim is off)

Feeling pleased with my settings (being able to see lots of yellow numbers pinging off the top of my enemies) I unlocked the iron banner auto rifle, equipped it and immediately began undershot ing!

A quick look on destiny tracker reveals that the prosecutor has an aim assist value of 44 and the ib auto 71.

What my experiment is suggesting is that the higher the aim assist the harder it is to move your reticule on an enemy target and you will need a higher sense / steeper curve to combat the aim assist.

Now I guess more advanced xim users are thinking yeah that's obvious but I thought that aim assist helps you stay on target but in actual fact it seems like a hindrance.

In conclusion I've probably told you nothing new :) personally this means that I will have to dial in my settings for each gun! I wish bungie would add an option to turn off AA!

Hardware Compatibility / Wireless sofa setup
« on: 09:56 AM - 10/02/17 »
Getting old and riddled with aches and pains from excessive Destiny grinding at a desk. Am going to try sofa gaming but the thought of going back to controller fills me with dread.

I'm a nav user so that's fine over bluetooth. Now as for mouse, I'm using the g502 for the extra buttons which nav users need.

Which wireless mouse do you guys recommend?

Any other tips for couch gaming? I'm weird so prefer to sit cross legged :)

Thanks guys

Hardware Compatibility / Xim manager navigation stuck
« on: 05:07 AM - 09/20/17 »
Hi guys,

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the following problem.

Load up xim manager on Android (latest gold version)

Select a config

Change some settings eg sensitivity

Then save

Then at this point it will not let me back out to the main game config screen (the screen that shows which button you are pressing)

I then have to force close the app and re open it.

This problem does not occur if I do not change any settings.

I am also running latest gold firmware.

I've tried uninstalling manager and reinstalling. I've tried a different device (Samsung note 3 and a note 8)

Any ideas please?

Game Support / Eyasaluna ads setting
« on: 03:47 PM - 07/12/17 »
I've discovered / stumbled upon a delicious  handcannon ads setting for destiny.

12000 dpi
No ballistic curve
1.5 sensitivity (yes 1.5)
Because Boost 9999

Total trash for sniping but lovely at stuffing titan skating guardians or warlocks trying to surprise you from above.

I find it great at mid to close quarter encounters.

Let me know what you think guys. 

Hardware Compatibility / Gamepads with built in memory
« on: 03:00 AM - 06/25/17 »
Good Sunday people of planet xim,

Bought a grifta, sent back grifta. Nav does a much better job.

Now looking for something like a razer tartarus.

Read a few reviews, watched a few videos.

Looking to use macros with the xim so know I need a device that can store macros on board memory. Does anyone do this already? Or have a device that can do this?

I like the idea of having a thumbs ticket for wasd movement and 4 fingers with macros at the ready. Still won't get to the flaming light house :)


Hardware Compatibility / Just ordered a grifta
« on: 03:43 PM - 06/19/17 »
I've just ordered a grifta gamepad from Amazon. Just wondering if anyone out there has replaced the Sony navigation controller with a grifta Gamepad? What are your experiences with this device?

Is there any way to remove the analogue nature of the Sony navigation analog stick?

I'll explain, I've been using keyboard for a while in destiny and realise that strafeing left and right using w and D is far more efficient and effective due to its on off nature of a digital key. The result is quicker directional movement than with the analog stick.

Is there a way I can replicate digital movement using the Sony nav stick?

XIM 4 Discussions / Rml images
« on: 06:38 AM - 06/02/17 »
Where have all your images gone rml?

As one of the biggest contributors of the xim4 community I feel completely let down by you :) just jokes but what's going on?

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