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Game Support / Re: Buy mouse
« on: Today at 10:45 AM »
By analog do you mean the analog sticks on the controller?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: ROG Gladius compatible?
« on: Today at 10:43 AM »
If settings like this are saved in on-board memory on the device, then, you should be fine. But, it's still a good idea to get feedback like you are doing.

Is using Turn Assist not hopeful for this?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best Analog for Xim Apex?
« on: Today at 10:41 AM »
I agree, analog movement with mouse is a great way to play since you aren't limited to 8-way directional which forces you to use your aim to give you the extra freedom of movement. Unfortunately, the options for analog aren't looking good since both the Logitech G13 and the Sony Move Nav controller are no longer in production.

General Discussion / Re: Question
« on: 11:49 AM - 08/19/18 »
Sorry, no XIM product supports scripts/macros.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: ROG Gladius compatible?
« on: 09:50 AM - 08/19/18 »
Welcome to the community. Do you happen to know if this mouse requires special drivers on a PC to be fully functional?

I would start with "Slow" since it runs at 30fps.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« on: 09:59 AM - 08/18/18 »
i have a question why do you aim for 1:1 on console
why u dont aim for best results in terms of succeeding ingame for the majority of players(xim users)
i kinda question going 1:1 on console. i think i read about this before ....
isnt going 1:1 just an advantage for the ones who are fitted to it ...

1:1 is the standard for mouse and what is the most intuitive and natural for people to understand and use (i.e. when you move the mouse it feels like the reticle is doing the exact same thing on-screen). This level of response on all games (of course, limited to maximum turn speed) is what XIM has been focused on for a decade in solving. It's what XIM is known for and why we sell the device.

What is being asked for here is a reticle response that doesn't remotely resemble 1:1 but is crafted to only make things "feel right" to a very small set of people (or one person). It's completely subjective, unlike 1:1 which is objective and universal. Because it's subjective, it's impossible to make general and parameterize. So, what will feel correct to one person will still feel wrong to another.

Meaning, if we were to go all out and create an experience that Salty finally approves of, I absolutely guarantee that others, like Kik, will not feel the same way. This is why you are seeing push back on this.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« on: 04:59 PM - 08/17/18 »
This is a good point antithesis, SA3 was never supported for PS4 Slim/Pro. This means that entire community of XIM gamers on that platform never used that experimental build. Have we heard from a PS4 Slim/Pro user that plays OW? If so, are they saying XIM4 was better for them on OW?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« on: 02:51 PM - 08/17/18 »
SA3 was an experimental build that quantized input (heavily) similar to the stair step curve I provided. The goal of XIM has always been to achieve 1:1 (i.e. be as close to PC as possible) as the main audience are PC gamers that want to play on console for the many benefits of it. When you apply Boost, SA3, etc the resulting input patterns are so far from 1:1 that you'd assume something was seriously wrong with the XIM. It would help to know if these issues felt with OW occur when AA is off.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« on: 12:09 PM - 08/17/18 »
It seems like every day you have a different post either saying how good the apex is and your new settings are amazing, then the next day the apex sucks and your settings suck and the devs suck because of that.

Yes, how is it that we went from this, then to how he beat the best Widow in the world with his XIM APEX, and then back to this?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ps4 controller
« on: 12:02 PM - 08/17/18 »
Can you please verify you are running this firmware and you've following the PS4 communication instructions?: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=49093.0

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ps4 controller
« on: 09:31 AM - 08/17/18 »
Welcome to the community. Are you using a PS4 Slim/Pro controller?

Xbox / Re: XIM apex BF4 hell help
« on: 09:29 AM - 08/17/18 »
Welcome to the community. I'm not personally familiar with this but hopefully someone who is will be able to comment.

General Discussion / Re: Upgrading Gear
« on: 09:26 AM - 08/17/18 »
What's the DPI of the mouse you are using right now?

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