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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Cant Connect Xim Apex
« on: Today at 02:43 PM »
Ok, I just tried it on my iPhone 4s and it worked. Have you tried rebooting your phone?

It's not detecting axis or you can't change those settings (i.e. under the Analog config section)?

I personally think you should stick with it, also, you should try out Beta as well which affects how aiming feels: http://xim.tech/beta

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PS4 setup help
« on: Today at 02:21 PM »
Please try connecting your controller (with your cable) directly to your XIM APEX. If you do that, do you see the flashing green lights to signify that everything is initialized?

Have you considered switching to analog (stick) for movement?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Apex Keeps disconnecting
« on: Today at 02:19 PM »
Thanks for your troubleshooting. Are you certain it's not the hub (have you tried it directly connected to your PC with your mouse plugged into it)?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Question for OBsIV
« on: Today at 01:47 PM »
Did you see your XIM APEX flash white when you change the setting?

Support / Re: Manager app isn't working correctly.
« on: Today at 01:46 PM »
What type of mouse is it? Are you sure it has onboard memory and is saving your settings, or, does it rely on your PC drivers to set it?

We do have much better support for analog input devices now (such as joysticks, flightsticks). I'm not sure if steering wheels show up like a joystick as well? Hopefully someone with one of them can comment.

We support headsets connected through your controller. If you are able to connect this headset like that, then it should work. Hopefully, someone with this headset and comment.

Welcome to the community. Can you please tell us if you see a controller icon at the top of Manager?

Welcome to the community. Troubleshooting this may be a little more difficult since PUBG has issues in the game itself as you describe. First let's get you on our Beta here: http://xim.tech/beta

Then, can you please make sure you are running on game mode on your TV and it would help to know if you could tell us your experience on other games you play on your console as well (if perhaps you play CoD or BF or any game like that).

Beta / Re: Experimental Beta builds coming
« on: Today at 01:38 PM »
Oh, that's my favorite -- Logitech G13. Gives me analog player movement. :)

Beta / Re: Xbox One Triggers only ouput 99%......
« on: Today at 12:40 PM »
We will look into it.

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