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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex and destiny2
« on: Today at 06:02 AM »
Yep, but Bunghole killed it the second D2 dropped. RIP.

Frashbrang > antithesis
You wish jellyfish.

Nice work Roads. I agree, it could be more intuitive and less time-intensive to create exponential curves.

Perhaps plotting three or four points should automatically interpolate between them based on selecting an Exponential checkbox. Curves are linear by default, so that option's already covered.

Commander / Re: Fortnite Auto Run Key Script
« on: Today at 03:50 AM »
Psst...bind Sprint to W in HIP (assuming you're using WASD for movement).
Deselect Inherit in ADS and clear Sprint to prevent it breaking ADS. Done.

No need for a script, it's all there waiting for us in Xim Manager.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex and destiny2
« on: 11:30 PM - 04/18/18 »
I'm fine with 30FPS and shite turning because everyone else suffers from it too. I don't feel that either hamper the experience overly because the core gunplay remains very good. Not as good as Y1 D1 when exotics felt exotic and the power fantasy was light-years ahead of D2, but it's still fun to play.

Yes, turning should be quicker (Frostees / Dunemarchers made a big difference in D1) and 60FPS would seem like a priority, but it is what it is and Bungie has taught us to set the bar low of late.

He might be using the older mech version. The mark 2 is quieter and can be dampened. But yeah, thatís another reason I tried Fragpedal first. It uses Omron switches and has easy actuation - I donít want to be stomping on the thing.

Another option Iíll try is some G25 wheel pedals and a Leo Bodnar cable that converts them to a separate USB device on PC. Doesnít work on console (I tried) but should via Xim Link, Titan One, CM or a Titan Two.

Iím thinking maybe Sprint Aux, Walk Aux, Lean L/R, push-to-talk, d-pad...lots of possibilities, but I wouldnít use it for anything requiring precision.

Stinky is too clunky and noisy to be usable, whereas the Scythe triple looks rock-solid. Fragpedal has tonnes of programming potential, but may be limited to Xim Link usage. Iíll know in a week or two.

General Discussion / Re: g502 or naga?
« on: 08:09 PM - 04/18/18 »
Avoid Razer mice whenever possible - they have problems with sensors, saving settings on-board and are power-hungry.

The Naga Trinity however is a decent mouse with a 3389 Pixart sensor under the hood and has on-board storage, unlike prior generations. But it's also somewhat unknown performance-wise on Xim, whereas G502 is tried, tested and proven as one of the best mice for Xim gaming.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: About Firmware Updates
« on: 07:17 PM - 04/18/18 »
Settle down ladies, we're all entitled to our own opinions.

Jordan has a valid point with Response Rate and Sync both needing sensitivity adjustments that require some mental gymnastics. The conversions aren't implemented as cleanly as they could be, hence the complaint threads.

I believe OBsIV is looking into normalised sensitivity values (given they're all straight multipliers / dividers), which I agree is a must-have to avoid end-user confusion and to simplify the setup process.

Sync was added as a new feature in a beta firmware to address jitter issues at 1000Hz that didn't crop up in the small alpha team sample size and it'll take a little bit of tweaking to get the user experience right. I'd like to see the Sync names change while we're at it as they currently have no context to what Sync actually does (120FPS, 60FPS, 30FPS, unlimited).

Game Support / Re: Far Cry 5 ballistic curve??
« on: 03:45 PM - 04/18/18 »
Try TSARGA's curve in Lithe's PUBG thread - http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=64525.0

It's a generic anti-AA curve and can be tweaked per game.

I'd be interested to see how you've handled the Consumables and Nades, weapon wheels are always challenging to configure with a Xim.

I've got a Titan Two script setup and have Nades bound to 1-6 and Consumables to F1-F6, but it means physically disconnecting and reconnecting my kb to the T2 because the T2 doesn't support USB switches or hubs. A fella on the Console Tuner forums found that a single-device USB switch just for the kb does work - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074TZKGVR/.

This thread got me interested in foot pedals again since the Stinky Board has been gathering dust...great idea, poor execution. I bought the Fragpedal Quad and will see if I can get it working.  I found some threads saying it doesn't work on a Xim, while other older threads claim that it does. I'll know soon enough.

If that doesn't work out, I'll pick up the Scythe Triple. They're no longer in production and are getting hard to track down at a reasonable price, hence trying the Fragpedal first.

Thanks, I don't follow the game closely enough between updates. Is this the new default or is the default layout still the same?
Combat Pro is not the default and only requires two buttons to be swapped to get on-track, so it's not a big deal.

Xbox / Re: The Division Macro
« on: 04:31 AM - 04/18/18 »
Not on a Xim by itself as it doesn't support macros natively, but I've done this using a Titan Two and simply select 1-6 on my kb to use the selected item.

To do this I have the mouse and controller connected to Xim, Xim connected to INPUT-A on Titan Two, and the keyboard connected direct to INPUT-B of the Titan Two.

The Emote wheel works differently and isn't as easy to code macros for, but who cares about Emotes?

It's also possible to do via Xim Link on PC and an Autohotkey script. Refer to the Commander sub-forum for more info on Xim Link.

I received the G903 but I did not have time to try it. What do you think about the fact that the ps4 controller is always connected to the xim during our gaming session. Do you think the battery of the ps4 controller gets worse when it stays plugged in when it is full?
It's nothing to worry about. I've literally had my DS4 controller plugged into a powered-up Xim 24/7/365 since the PS4 launched. It's only trickle-charged when connected to a Xim and still works fine when unplugged.

General Discussion / Re: mouse dpi question
« on: 01:34 AM - 04/18/18 »
Sensitivity not only depends on DPI, but also on Apex Response Rate and Synchronise settings.

And yes, the sensor in the G502 is superior to the G402.

General Discussion / Re: what is the vanilla curve?
« on: 10:05 PM - 04/17/18 »
It means no curve.

Curves move away from the intended 1-to-1 look mechanics of the Xim translators and are typically used to add acceleration for the occasional game with an odd look mechanic, like Sprinting in Destiny.

Most games don't need curves and most Ximmers don't use them. Get familiar with the plain vanilla settings before remotely considering advanced settings like ballistics curves.

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