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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Common sync overwatch ?
« on: Today at 06:36 PM »
Off = Apex / mouse polling rate (it's the fastest and shouldn't lag, that'll be mouse behaviour or environment).
Default = 120FPS, same processing loop as Xim4.
Common = 60FPS
Slow = 30FPS

Note that Sync does not affect the response rate the Apex polls the console. That remains at the response rate you set in Global Settings (125, 250, 500 or 1000Hz).

Sync at Off should give you the cleanest mouse behaviour. Try it, but I think you'll find that AA is less sticky.

Adding a smidge of Smoothing (1 to 5) can help, but do so cautiously as Smoothing can add floatiness.

and its funny cuz AssultRifleMasta (#1 on PS4 top 500 for a long while) used absurdly low DPI, like 800.  I havent had any pixel skipping yet, which is weird, but I also know that the Xim begins having issues with any configuration if the Xim sense exceeds 100, correct?
Yeah, that's right, for Xim4. That's not my experience on Xim Apex from playing around with 800DPI. I also used 3200DPI at 250Hz right through the year-long Alpha period (before Sync was an option), with Xim sens values exceeding 400 to no noticeable ill-effect. But OBsIV pointed out quantization kicks in (not interpolation, sorry) at low DPI, so there should be a negative effect.

The technical recommendation is max DPI to bring the sensor as close to raw input as possible. But, as end-users, we can feel a difference at lower DPI settings, particularly to AA, which can be either positive or negative, depending on our playstyle.

I don't know what the answer is to strike the right AA balance, but we have tonnes of variables to play with. What I do is reduce my DPI so the AA sweet spot is fat (in terms of sens value resolution), find the Xim sensitivity threshold it kicks in at, then bump my DPI back up to help with the AA bubble.

I feel like this was made for you...

That does show promise. The one thing I've yet to sink my teeth into is Xim Link and seeing how PC apps interact with Xim holds a lot of potential.

Are.you sure about that? :-)
You'd know better than I would, but motion controls lack micro-movement precision. 1mm and 1 degree tracking on the Hydra doesn't sound ultra-precise.

When it comes to camera-based mo-co, then it definitely lacks resolution.

So I canít have a cloth mousepad and have good fast micro movements? No setting I can adjust will change that?
Micro-movements typically are slow. Macro-movements are typically fast. Cloth is better at micro, but not great at macro. Hard is better at macro, but not great at micro. If you want both, look at a Steelseries Dex. I don't like the QcK pads, they're too slow and mushy for my taste. I used the 4HD hardpad for years, but it chews up mouse feet.

You can adjust to cloth, but you'll need to rewire your muscle memory. A good whack of guys here use large cloth pads with 50cm 360s, but I prefer hard pads and 25cm 360s and can't figure out how they can play so well while moving so slow.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Anyone else excited?
« on: Today at 04:09 PM »
Looks as if you took my bait and deep throated it big boy.
Fap somewhere else Weedlen.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Anyone else excited?
« on: Today at 04:05 PM »
You are awfully bossy.
You are awfully trolly.

Your sole purpose is and always has been to trollbait. You're no good at it. Maybe time you've gave up and moved to another forum.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Anyone else excited?
« on: Today at 03:59 PM »
That leads me to the assumption that you are a no one . Joke was better then being a shitt gamer that has to use a titan.
Wuff wuff wuff.

The thread has transformed into something greater than your intent, which was simply to sh!tpost and troll. Move along.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Anyone else excited?
« on: Today at 03:57 PM »
I do find it hard to see game makers mixing input types (especially since Microsoft is encouraging them not to in their official guidance). But if they do, I believe we will see people use a XIM for aim assist (like we see today with people using XIM on a PC).
Not only that, but to compact the control scheme. I recently got back into PC gaming and am finding the million and one separate bindings incredibly clunky and confusing in a game like Fortnite.

For example, Use and Reload are typically the same console button, but separate on PC. Xim allows us to double-bind the same button, PC bindings typically do not, e.g mapping Sprint to W. Even something as simple as the inability to remap ESC is frustrating. Not to mention separate HIP and ADS settings, ballistics curves etc - Xim gives us so much control.

I'm going to start using Xim + T2 on PC for the above reasons. Maybe I've simply grown too used to Xim over the last 8 years, but PC bindings and customisation is way behind the Xim and I'm finding it difficult to readjust back to a keyboard full of separate bindings rather than context-sensitive controls.

These types of motion control schemes are a novelty at best. They will never be better than a mouse and kb, nor a gamepad for that matter. The resolution of the motion tracking simply isn't high enough for the precision required.

Game Support / Re: Secondary buttons destiny 2
« on: Today at 03:45 PM »
Enable Expert mode. Go to a game config. Note the small green tab to the right. Swipe the screen from right to left. That's your HIP profiles. Swipe again for the ADS profile. I had trouble with that myself at first, but that's how the UI was designed and it's pretty standard these days.

To bind your Super, go to Actions and map L1 and R1 wherever you'd normally use them. Then scroll down to the bottom of Actions and click the small arrow to the right of "Primary", that'll open the Secondary bindings page.

Map your L1 and R1 buttons to a separate key in Secondary, but make both bindings the same. I personally use the DPI button behind the scroll wheel of my mouse, which itself is mapped to the C key. Voila...one-click Super.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Anyone else excited?
« on: Today at 03:41 PM »
Sh!t joke. Trollbait. No-one cares.

XIM Link / Re: Povohat Mouse Acceleration Program
« on: Today at 03:35 PM »
This is interesting stuff, thank you both (havoxx and parni) for posting.

In summary...

High DPI and low Xim sens = less AA and more cut-through into the hitbox.
Low DPI and high Xim sens = more AA at the risk of getting stuck outside the hitbox.

You're going to get diminishing returns under 1600DPI as pixel-skipping can kick in at high Xim sens values due to interpolation.Look for mjfame's configs, he has some that run at 400 or 800DPI that are worth experimenting with.

Another thing that may help is playing with higher YX values to make aim adjustments within the hitbox easier to manage while under the influence of AA.

Play around with different Sync and Smoothing settings, they affect AA too.

Analog movement also impacts AA, so a Nav controller or Wooting keyboard are worth considering.

Finally, don't feel beholden to max in-game sensitivity values. Try dropping in-game sens to test the effect on AA.

The reason MRog suggested creating multiple configs for testing is because, as you know, there is no magic bullet. I realise you started this thread with a civil tone and that should have been respected, but what goes around comes around. Let's give Salty a break - if he's playing nice, please return the favour.

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