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Just got myself a Wooting One, should be here tomorrow so I'll test it out on a few games. :)

Tbh I was after a new keyboard. I got it for the fact it's a TKL and the smooth Flaretech red swtiches sound like my kind of switch, the red Cherry MX have always had a tiny bit too much resistance for me. Plus I like how it predominantly only lights the actual letter on the keycaps and it's not got RGB bleeding all over the place like most keyboards these days.

Why are you some of you acting like the pricing for this is too much? Go look at the price of Corsair "gaming" keyboards, which I consider insanely tacky and have shoddy build quality. They're more expensive and give you nothing more than any other mechanical keyboard out there (and their software is abysmal). Meanwhile you have a small company such as Wooting, implementing something innovative in a well priced product and you're angry because it doesn't turn you into a walking aimbot? Who cares if it doesn't make a difference in every game, it's still a feature that's available to you.

If this was 70-100 dollars more than the average RGB mechanical keyboard I'd understand, but this is priced right at the same mark as the rest of them.

Agreed  8)

If you play on both platforms console with Xim and PC you have the best of both worlds for the money, i love it for PC and for Xim i'm not getting into the aim assist stuff but i mentioned a few months ago that i thought it was a placebo effect even to this day i still stand by this that there is some suspicion of added AA.

Taken me 2 months to get finger memory for wasd control on xim using wooting not a lot of hrs of gaming admittedly but for the price as Geno said you can't go wrong.

It's a blooming bargain  if you PC game aswell.

I have switched out WASD springs for 80g slightly stiffer tried 150g way to overkill  ;D

Linear and 2.5 in wootility.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Wooting one Keyboard
« on: 10:53 AM - 07/18/18 »
I haven't had as much time as i would like today to give the wooting a good grind out but can confirm with the latest firmware (20180501) the wooting works only with that firmware digitally and analogue although analogue will only work with directinput only,  xinput was a non runner for apex but as said not much time for a proper test grind.

Early day's but this will need some muscle memory adjustment and steady fingers for wasd pressure sens and a lot of tinkering for you'r right curve settings.

Here is a short vid in ww2 headquarters with analogue profile 1 default directinput changed from xininput to see what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6bv8HkkhOI&feature=youtu.be

Hopefully get some time in for the wooting vid guides later on in the week.

Promising so far but a lot of tinkering to get the right feel after years of just pressing down WASD.

Ps.. once wooting is disconnected from PC the keyboard will go back into digital mode save your set up in onboard memory and hit the mode switch to get the right profile for when it's connected to Xim Apex.

Just got my wooting one and I'm excited to experiment with this. Would you mind sharing your wooting profile for fps games? Not sure how to setup directinput for movement so its pressure sensitive.

yo have a look at this thread a forum member is or was having issues i posted some help and my settings and a pic in that thread.


If you want to get as close to controller pressure with wooting, linear curve and actuation point set to 3.6 or else load an empty map play around with wooting curve.

i find that to much actuation adds a bit  to much aim assist for my liking aggressive or linear curve set between 2.5 or 3.0 is my preference.

Check this thread out http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=68049.0

ApexWooting is having some issues works fine with me and another user just make sure your on latest apex and wooting  firmware updates with controller absolutely fully charged and follow that thread to my settings my analogue curve and actuation point is just my preference.

The more who have the wooting can help out in the likes of the topic above i'll be interested to see how you get on.

And yes it does help with A.A this is why i don't have actuation point set to 3 it's to strong for my liking we need a curve magician.

@#$% man, I realised I never put in the WSAD under directinput xx and yy. Current update:

I got 1 analog profile to *not turn off' by turning everything off, everything seems to work but still no analog controlls.

@sncjez: What is your actuation points?

Any more ideas or hidden settings I might have overlooked?

I use aggressive curve with actuation set to 2.5.

Is it working for you now?

Yup 1.17 i can only think possible cable issue i'm using an old sony ericsson phone usb cable can't think of any thing else to help.

Here is pic of my set up in wootility

That looks like an old firmware i'm on wootility 2.3.4 you shouldn't have to set xinput to off i just set it to DI i would update to 2.3.4 then if all fails again use the link above reset/restore as it adds better support.

If that all fails it could possibly be your controller to apex cable causing issues.

Edit re firmware my wootility is showing 2.3.4.

Hi all, i have received my xim apex today and tried hooking my wooting one to it on PS4.  As far as I know, I've done all the preperations and the ps4 does detect the keyboard.

Ive also set the profile to directmode in analog 1 as suggested by another user here. I know it should be possible to play analog but everytime I connect the apex, the keyboard starts up in digital mode and when I press mode to switch to analog 1, the Apex blinks yellow red, gives the 'draws too much power' error and shuts everything down. Any ideas how to get it working?

Edit: I also noticed i cant seperatly adjust hip and ADS for r6 siege anymore. I used to be able to do it with the xim4. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for reading

Just to double check your on latest xim apex firmware 20180501 your using direct input as you said, enable digital keys set to on and saved to keyboard in the wootility controller fully charged?

Mode select to analogue before loading xim apex game manager.

Otherwise you prolly had the same issue as me early on i rectified this using the wooting trouble guide.


Hope this helps.

Final mouse ultra light with changed cable to paracord has been my daily.

Still like to use my logi g903 now and again.

General Discussion / Re: Does this mouse work
« on: 12:00 PM - 06/15/18 »
FM UL does work with Apex you can also flash a software called DM1 pro S to get 1000hz and steps upto 12k dpi.


Been there done it  8)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best keyboard for Xim Apex
« on: 01:46 PM - 06/10/18 »
Been using Wooting 1 for a month now and compared to my other keyboards and getting my settings right it's hands down the best keyboard experience for Xim (apex only works on apex) i have had to date.

If you can get on wooting 2 price benefit go for it.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Wooting one Keyboard
« on: 08:50 AM - 06/03/18 »
Have been using Wooting One for about a week after reading this thread and have been quite pleased.  The muscle memory takes a little getting used to, but for fps games at least (particularly Overwatch) there is definitely better aim assist with analogue WASD vs. normal keyboards and greater control. 

The control is not as precise as the sony nav, but you gain the benefit of instantaneous A-D strafing by bottoming out the keys, as well as the availability of a normal keyboard layout.  Would highly recommend if anyone is considering this.

I have also noticed more aim assist with analogue i thought it was placebo to begin with, but yep there is definitely some more aim assist playing fps on console which i can notice from switching to digital to analogue.

I would also add after trying all the analogue settings and some tinkering slow seems to the best option for console with highest actuation point i have mainly noticed this for driving playing H1Z1 on ps4 seems to give a bit more control.

All preference in the end but so far my findings more to come....H1Z1 on ps4 is a good start for getting a feel for this keyboard  8)

I'm on Apex but Killzone shadow fall ST is well worth a try.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 05:48 AM - 05/26/18 »
I have tried quite a few and have now settled on Killzone: Shadow Fall ST this has worked very well for me until mist feels it's the right time for training.

Killzone shadow fall ST (PS4)

1000hz - 4000dpi
Sync off for hip and ads
Hip 100
ADS 55.00 with smoothing at 15

Give it a try let me know what you think.

Battlefield 1 ST with sync off seemed to be my best experience so far. Game feels a bit buggy not sure if its the servers playing up.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Wooting one Keyboard
« on: 11:31 AM - 05/16/18 »
The curiosity is killing me: why are you using a keyboard to play a tennis game?

 :) Your not the first to ask me that just a habit and it is tricky but i adjusted and been so since the early top spin days i find i get better angle shots with A&D and more precision top and back spin by holding down W&S many pc players tried out the first xbox controller and prefered. I tried controller but didn't feel i was getting better placement with thumb stick just preference.

With wooting i'm hoping with pressure sens keys i get more control shots ie the further you press down the more power or less you press down angle and control and still get the digital direction should be interesting to see if wooting will work can't see why not if it has full pad support.

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