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Game Support / Re: H1Z1 ST
« on: Today at 04:41 PM »
Exponential was my first choice but the game does not allow enough time for the trainer. I noticed that a high sensitivity was needed for this profile but I didn't anticipate that people would have these types of issues. Prodigy, aiming is not smooth while aiming at targets that do not use aim assist while alone with high FPS? If so try setting your sync to default and let me know if you experience the same issue.

Have tried default.  Doesn't feel any better then common.
If im trying to aim at certain objects in the game like grenades i can definitely be accurate but that doesn't help me much in gunfights.
Linear setting just makes everything slower and increases AA which is ruining the ADS part of the ST.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 ST
« on: Today at 02:48 PM »
Been tweaking around with it a lot and as long as i'm using linear ingame it just feels horrible.
Aim Assist kicks in and holds your aim in place even when theyre moving out of it (anti aa curves dont help).
Micro movements feel very slow unless you crank sensitivity too high.
Decided to switch to Exponential ingame and it feels a lot smoother and faster. Added a small acceleration curve for both hip and ads to deal with Aim Assist.
I just feel like the linear setting ingame makes aiming really bad.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: What mouse to get ?
« on: 11:22 AM - 07/15/18 »
Id recommend any logitech mouse with high dpi values.
Good examples : Logitech G Pro , G403,  G502 , or the new wireless Logitech G305

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 ST
« on: 02:55 AM - 07/14/18 »
Tried ST with multiple different sync / sens settings. Doesn't feel right at all.
Micro movements feel super fast while normal movements feel slow.

The Generic translators have been released. Again, for Overwatch Linear, choose Generic Alpha and move the first position on the curve to 9 and go from there.

what is the generic alpha ?
i can't find it in the games list, i forced the games list too
how can i try the translators, pls explain more
thank you

They're showing up all the way at the bottom of the list for me after forcing game library update.
More info on them would be great though.

Playground will be going out tonight at 4am so if a st is getting trained it must be done by today, and there are so many bad controller users out there none of them are complaining even good controller users like nick mercs they just canít tell, most talked about problems are aim assist on recently eliminated players and bloom

Nickmercs use m/b  ;)

Lol nickmercs definitely doesn't use mouse & keyboard. He's been playing competitive cod with a controller for ages it would only make him worse.
Also he's been to one of the fortnite LAN events you can even see him hold his controller.

It does look like lately there are a bunch of problems with the Smart Translators. Just look at Fortnite , Overwatch , PUBG , R6 , H1Z1.
This usually gets blamed on the games poor look mechanic and case dismissed.  :'(

I don't think this is accurate. There are reports sure but they aren't dismissed. Game support is checked if enough people report an issue and more often then not there are no changes to the look mechanic. There are other causes that could affect performance like weapon handling changes, aim assist changes, network performance, game performance, as well as who you're playing against and how well you're doing that day.

- Fortnite has a lopsided deadzone and different directional speeds. Obsiv has said he's looking into supporting this.
- Overwatch was checked last week and there are no changes to the look mechanic. Exponential Ramp is used due to the superior micro movement compared to Linear Ramp. The ST allows for linear movement using Exponential Ramp.
- PUBG does not have a bad look mechanic, it's poorly optimized and does not allow for a full training session due to time restrictions. We can only do so much in this case but I wouldn't expect a full training session to feel different due to the game's simple look mechanic.
- R6 has the same issue as fortnite but with more varied game performance that seems to change day to day. This doesn't affect the look mechanic but could affect how well you aim or perform.
- H1Z1 is not currently supported but will be coming in the next update.

About Overwatch, I can look into supporting Linear Ramp but I'll need to talk with Obsiv.

I didn't mean that you don't look at the reports at all. More like they are being looked at and afterwards dismissed because of a certain reason unlike fortnite which could have been given up on already i feel like.
You guys have definitely gone past whats expected on the Fortnite ST to best support it because that game does actually have issues with native controller aswell.
I think that's what a lot of this rage with OP comes from that his game is not getting the same perfection.
Not saying it's right how he's talking because obviously it's not.

It does look like lately there are a bunch of problems with the Smart Translators. Just look at Fortnite , Overwatch , PUBG , R6 , H1Z1.
This usually gets blamed on the games poor look mechanic and case dismissed.  :'(

What is it DS4 ? lol

Dualshock 4 the name of the ps4 controller

My bad  :-X lol
How can you set your keys ?

Disconnect xim and plug your mouse into ps4 to set keys.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: buy xim or no ?
« on: 12:32 AM - 07/07/18 »
Don't go with a cheap mouse you will regret it. I made the same mistake a long time ago when i got my xim3 and i had to buy another mouse anyway.. Recommend getting a good logitech mouse they always work perfectly with the xim apex.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 ST
« on: 12:56 PM - 07/06/18 »
Can we expect a h1z1 st this weekend mist?  :)

Game Support / Re: WW2 Aim assist/ST feels off
« on: 05:36 PM - 07/05/18 »
Apex definitely has better AA options than the Steady Aim builds.
Polling rate , sync , and ofcourse sensitivity are what increases or decreases AA.
Try switching between 1000hz sync off (no AA) and 125hz sync Slow (super sticky AA) you will notice a huge difference.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 02:01 PM - 06/25/18 »
Combat zone lobbys auto reset every 10minutes guys.
Center of starting zone in a house could last pretty long. We'll have to see what the new look mechanics are like in terms of their complexity for training.

I don't know exactly how the training works, but if he can pause it every minute to med kit he could last pretty much the entire game in the gas and we can bring him more medkits

You're still talking about 30minutes at most.

Mist said

The trainer plays the game for 12-24 hours to learn the game look mechanic. If the game ends before this or it's  disturbed then the game can't be supported.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 12:09 PM - 06/25/18 »
Combat zone lobbys auto reset every 10minutes guys.

Yes please mist hook us up  :)
I haven't been playing at all because i hate changing my settings.

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