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General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 4 Beta
« on: 09:21 AM - 08/13/18 »
Each to their own haha, i hated it at first and turned off my playstation, tried again the next day with some friends and ended up enjoying it.

General Discussion / Black Ops 4 Beta
« on: 07:24 PM - 08/12/18 »
Seen a few people struggling with the beta but imo its pretty good and once you get the hang of it its actually got a nice flow, i'll drop my settings and a gameplay down below just incase anyones struggling because a few of my friends were lol. i know its a bit late into the beta to recommend settings but oh well.

Im still on the xim 4 btw

Settings :
DPI : 12000
POLL : 1000hz
SENS : 15.20

I make a few dumb mistakes in the gameplay but im still learning the game so hopefully its not too painful to watch at points.

General Discussion / Re: Bo4 beta score streaks button?
« on: 11:16 AM - 08/12/18 »
Go to buttons on your xim then switch from primary to secondary and change triangle to whatever you would like to use to call in scorestreaks. now to hit triange it will still be mouse scroll down but also the other button you chose.

this thread has me dying, im not one to put others down but you're definitely just bad, god knows how badly you got @#$% on in the beta to make such a stupid post lool

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: help me with rainbow plsssss im 4
« on: 09:32 AM - 06/29/18 »
Just learn the game mate, nothing to do with the xim just need some practice

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 12:05 PM - 06/14/18 »
Mainly Sniper Only V2 On COD WW2

its cut to make it less boring with some music.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite Button Layout
« on: 06:00 AM - 06/13/18 »
I Don't have any clips so guess you'll have to take my word for it but you can look me up on FortniteTracker - AkyyUK171974, i play with irl friends mostly but im pretty good. but these are the main buttons for building for me the rest is personal preference.


With the roofs i edit them to be downwards ramps so i can ramp up/down on the go without rotating.


I've got R3 [ RS i think if you're xbox] as C to crouch but also added E on the secondary list so i can reset edits with e and crouch with c.

Hope this helps as a base to build your setup on bro

Should add me im usually carrying all my shitter friends too lool, i've got a 5kd which isn't too bad i think. Im from north london too so same timezones.

Support / Re: Xim4 not recognising controller
« on: 04:57 AM - 06/05/18 »
Had the same problem when i bought mine for ps4,buy a new usb cable for your controller, that fixed it for me

General Discussion / Re: H1Z1 Xim Apex Gameplay
« on: 05:21 PM - 05/25/18 »
230 hip on 12k dpi ? isn't that insanely fast??

General Discussion / Re: H1Z1
« on: 09:43 AM - 05/24/18 »
GW2 ?

I was a pc player playing competitively on cod and a global on csgo, played esea quite abit but many of my friends didn't so it was mainly matchmaking for me, then with cod it really started to drop off on pc you could hardly find a game of dom let alone ranked play so I made the switch to ps4, played with controller and picked it up pretty quickly had a 3.4kd in cod iw and stuck with controller for about 10 months but my thumbs used to get sore from where I played so much, told somebody I was playing gbs with that I used to be top 100 on pc ranked play and they suggested the xim, now here we are  ;D to be honest there hasn't been a massive improvement im just more comfortable playing for long periods of time.

General Discussion / Re: My H1Z1 APEX CONFIG
« on: 08:17 AM - 05/23/18 »
I'll try the star wars ST later when I can actually get on the servers   :D

General Discussion / Re: My H1Z1 APEX CONFIG
« on: 04:25 PM - 05/22/18 »
I'm still on the xim 4 ahhh I can't even test it lol, does the overwatch ST work well?

General Discussion / Re: H1Z1
« on: 04:06 PM - 05/22/18 »
Yeah now I've had a chance to play abit I understand what you're saying, had some luck using the fortnite ST and using the hip translator for ads but its so slow I usually hipfire unless they're really far away, won my first game though haha I can bare with it I guess until its supported

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