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Try this. You will need to adjust the time, because I don't know how long it takes to do a perfect 180 in your game.

Code: [Select]
#Include %A_AppData%\XIM Link\ScriptAdditionals\AHK_ADDITIONALS.ahk
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

===============            MRog40 Spin            =================
===============              8/15/18              =================

Spin_Time := 500

    XIMInputData("RightStickX", 100)
    Sleep Spin_Time
    XIMInputData("RightStickX", 0)

XIM Link / Re: using xim link for pc
« on: 01:36 PM - 08/14/18 »
So got the xim link and just assumed it would work on my pc for pc games, I wanted to use xim link so I could easily switch between pc input and xim apex input for when I play destiny 2 on pc, when I active xim link my wasd works but doesn't stop when I let go and as soon as I move my mouse xim link deactivates. any solution to this?
The problem is that Destiny 2 is sensing your mouse input and taking it from Xim Link. I think W11Ce was working on a fix for a different user, so I'll let him comment on that.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.2 is out
« on: 11:53 AM - 08/14/18 »
Hi there. I ve got an iMac. Is there any chance to connect Apex with my Mac for using Xim Link and pasting any scripts like anti recoil or rapid-fire into my Apex App? Thank you very much.
1. I don't think link works on Mac.
2. Those types of scripts aren't allowed on the forum.
3. Remove your email from your public profile.

Only reason I'm not uploading is because I'm not trying to come off like I'm bragging

"I outsniped the best widow on OW with my apex"

on ahk forum people told me pix scanning takes way to long... but whom am i to question u feel free to discuss and inflate ur posts
If they told you pixel scanning took way to long, why are you here asking us about it?

I truly am unable to comprehend the reasoning behind this thread in the first place, and not just because of your grammar. If you want to do pixel scanning, do it, but don't talk about it here. I have made scripts that break the rules of this forum, so I make and discuss them in places they are allowed. If you want an aimbot that uses pixel scanning, make it. Nobody can stop you.

u dont need pixel scanning u can use other commands i think u mean pattern recog in general which can lead to fully auto actions like a bot...
Feel free to use automation, it isn't difficult. Pixel scanning is on another level of capability, and will lead to aimbots.

before i lock this let me know what you guys think about this, shall we allow those scripts to the shared or not?
I don't think we should allow any pixel scanning discussion here, no matter the purpose. I don't want Xim and Xim Link to be synonymous with cheating, and even discussing the ability to pixel scan being allowed here will lead to that eventually.

Soldier's great on Apex for OW. The complaints come from Widow players who haven't adjusted to the Apex settings in favour of Xim4's SA3 firmware. That's a very small but vocal minority of the community, so don't let it dissuade you.
I wish OBsIV could give us more information about what actually went into the SA3 firmware. If he gave me the code behind that translator vs the current one I could probably figure out a way to spoof it for apex either using curves on system or using external mouse software and Xim Link. SA3 is what all the top cod ximmers used, and I know a few that won't switch to apex because they love their current settings that much.

MRog's annoyance is because Apex is a relatively new device and people want the best possible settings for their games without truly understanding what the Advanced Settings do. The exact same thing happened for Xim4, Xim Edge, Xim3 etc before it.
I'll admit, Xim4 launch was my first (I went under a different account at the time, and didn't post as frequently), but I know that there was less confusion then than there is now. Sharing settings was easy, you told them your DPI and your sensitivity, they would set it and forget it, and never return to the forums. It isn't so simple anymore.

For most Ximmers, all you need to do is set Apex's response rate to 1000Hz, Sync to Common (for 60FPS games), adjust sensitivity based on your 360 distance on a mouse pad and you're off and running.
I agree with this fully. The apex is still very capable of that same set it and forget it mentality, and it is still a great product when used that way, but there will always be that community here searching for settings and configs that work the best. The problem I have is with the user experience, not the existence of more settings. The easiest thing to do in code is basic arithmetic.  User experience 101 is that if basic arithmetic can be built in, it should be. The fact that I have to sit in the app and divide/multiply by a number that I find mist posting to confused users on the forum is absolutely ridiculous.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sony Nav Alternatives
« on: 02:00 AM - 08/13/18 »
I think the ergonomics / grip together with button layout is going to a tough challenge to get right. I put an extra button on a NAV, so using pinky and ring finger to grip, leaving middle finger for extra button(s), forefinger for trigger/jump buttons and thumb for analogue stick. Problem I found with this on the current NAV is the trigger/jump buttons need to be smaller (and trigger to not have such a large deadzone/travel time) for it to be comfortable and viable - hand size likely plays a role in this too.
For trigger deadzone, I opened up my nav and added a small folded up piece of paper behind the trigger to reduce the deadzone. It worked very well, but eventually I just got so tired of holding that controller and wanted more buttons.

You listed the biggest issue with my design plan - hand size. It is impossible to produce something that works for everyone in terms of hand size. I happen to be freakishly tall, and with that, have freakishly large hands. Like can palm basketballs out of a dribble with ease large hands. I want a controller that is comfortable for myself, but also for other people, which is a challenge.

Wooting works with xim. The Analog works.

The analog mode does NOT work when using xim link
Did you talk to W11Ce about this?

If you still have your wooting, contact me on discord. I'm sure I can get it working for you somehow, I could write a script that reads whatever data the wooting sends and convert that to analog stick movements using XimInputData, and hopefully make it work.

and thats my logic:

scan for the word armor and
when the Word is found on screen
press rectangle 4 seconds
Nobody here is pixel scanning. To be able to pixel scan you would need a capture card for latency, run software to try to do image/text recognition on that capture live, (as you mention later that capture area can be decreased in size, so example with your aimbot you want to make just aim close and if you are close enough it will automatically snap to heads)

i dont want to promote cheating i think its not harmfull to automate dull actions that have no direct impact on the competitive spirit of the game.
This post is obviously you attempting cheating. Nobody is doing pixel scanning with AHK and Xim Link, and this is a good thing. If you want to develop software capable of this and use it to make an aimbot (which obviously is what you want to do), then do it somewhere other than this forum. I doubt you will succeed.

also plz mod me so i can ban antithe?!?! and od2n and some other beautiful ppl and sheeps.
1. Don't ask to be modded, there are few mods here and there isn't a need for more. If there was, I doubt your candidacy would be question considering the post I just attempted to read.
2. Antithesis and Od1n are 2 of the best members of the community, and both have great contributions for ximmers.

General Discussion / Re: My Take on Black Ops 4 Beta
« on: 12:03 AM - 08/12/18 »
Fog of war is absolutely infuriating, but I doubt it will be allowed in competitive play which is all I do. I'm excited for more information about league play and the like

I feel like they shouldn’t have changed the jumping, the faster movement for cod I feel like is such a big aspect of making the skill gap higher, them slowing it down means the people with good movement are even more limited so it’s easier for them to get killed ( they’re put on the level of players with bad movement )
I agree with this fully, they took the nerfs to sliding and jumping way too far. The game was more fun last weekend than this weekend.

Hacienda though, that map is nice

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sony Nav Alternatives
« on: 08:31 PM - 08/11/18 »
With a ps4/xbox controller, your using both hands so that the controller is resting rather than gripped so using paddles is easy. With a nunchuck, I notice I was actually having to grip it to be able to use the analog and sometimes with more pressure at times.

I don't own an Xbox so I don't know what the shape of the controller is like compared to the ps4 controller when held.. but how doable is it to have a nunchuck that you can grip comfortably with somewhat pressure and have the buttons basically at a finger tips reach? I mean I don't know if it is just me but when I used the Sony Nav my fingers was pretty much locked in position on the back
I actually have been thinking of this. That was one of the most annoying things when I used a nav - when gripping it so hard to use the thing, eventually my hand would cramp up. When pushing buttons on the controller, the other hand stabilizes it, and when using something like an orbweaver, the table holds it. I thought a great solution would be some sort of hand mounted device, and no not a glove, but a strap that just goes around your palm. If you've ever seen a loopy phone case, something kind of like that but on a nunchuck so that you can use it without needing to grip it tightly.

I know I have the technical skills to do build it, but I need to make sure I have the time, the production ability, and enough interest first. This thread isn't really the place for continued discussion. I have one open week before school starts, and I'm going to work on getting some 3d models of what I have envisioned, a better parts list, cost estimates, shipping estimates, and hopefully start looking towards maybe taking orders and seeing productions.

- unbalanced weapons
Besides the spitfire being a little OP, I honestly think this is the most balanced cod we have had in awhile. The high TTK definitely helps.

- almost instantaneous heal whenever you want
I think this adds to skill gap, and rewards aggressive play-styles.

- p2p host in 2018 lmao
- lag compensation feels like playing a Xbox360 game (eg peeking first = easy 100-200ms advantage)
The entire game is on dedicated servers, no peer to peer. The servers definitely do have some issues though, but it's a beta.

- 10years+ old mapdesign
If it ain't broke...
These maps are 3x better than any maps since BO3.

- literaly 0 skillgap in this game, no brain only aim at its finest
I agree with this. Fog of war needs to go.

- considering the budged really bad graphics
I think they're hitting the limit of what a PS4 can do at 60fps.

could be just me but after playing games like Overwatch or Fortnite the latest CoD title feels like watching a very dull movie
i mean did i miss something? i surely must have, so many people enjoy this game :/
I'm a cod fan, and within cod a treyarch fan, but this is my second favorite cod behind bo2 from what I've seen so far.

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