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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Aim assist curves for cod?
« on: Today at 03:22 AM »
They are unnecessary for cod (bo3 atleast) imo. Game has already an aimbot, play a low ADS sens with sync set to common (for ADS and HIP) and disable smoothing.

STs for all CoD games are pretty much perfect. You'll only need curves if your playstyle moves away from the norm. Check out Od1n's tutorials (Part 1 and Part 2) for a better understanding, and this thread.

How would I know which mice have it or not?
Connect your mouse to a PC running your mouse's software.
Set up at least one new key assignment (i.e. rear thumb button as the <M> key).
Save your changes and disconnect the mouse.
Plug the mouse into the Apex.
Open Apex Manager and set an action to the <M> key (i.e. Melee). If this action works in-game by pressing the rear mouse button, then your mouse has on-board memory. If it doesn't work, then consider using XIM Link to keep your mouse connected to your PC and console at the same time
When attempting to register the buttons through the Xim app, I noticed that the xim was not ďlisteningĒ. In game, the side buttons on the mouse donít work either.
You say Apex Manager wasn't listening for your mouse. When you say in-game, are you saying that some of the mouse's keys were working when connected to your console? If so, have you got them to register in Apex Manager?

Game Support / Re: Which Mousepad do you use?
« on: 02:45 AM - 07/19/18 »
Coolermaster Swift RX XL
I'd use a Steelseries Dex if only it was available in a larger format.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What keyboard should I use?
« on: 02:39 AM - 07/19/18 »
Nowhere near as important as a good mouse or monitor
Completely agree.

We all love our gaming kit and manufacturers know this, which is why expensive keyboards get so much love, but in day to day gaming, you'll notice little difference between mechanical or scissor switches or membrane keys. Membranes are softer and cheaper. Mechanicals are more responsive but much more expensive. Scissor switches are a half-way house. 

Mechanical key longevity is definitely much better, though. Over just a few months, membranes wear out, becoming more mushy and eventually sticking or just not responding. And as mechanical keyboards are usually sold as gaming peripherals, they often have all the bells and whistles (RGB, on-board memory, macro keys, nkey rollover, etc.) which their cheaper brethren sometimes lack.

I prefer a keypad as it takes up less space on my desk (I'm a swiper and often hit the edge of a full-sized keyboard with my mouse).

I'm with antithesis on the future of gaming keyboards: analogue is the way forward. Mech keys are great for typists but give diminishing returns for gamers. Analogue keys have no benefits for typists, but huge advantages for gamers (like the analogue switches on my mouse) but they are few and far between at the moment (and there is no analogue gaming keypad available yet). 

If you replace your keyboard often, are money conscious and don't need all the features, membranes are fine for gaming.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Competitive COD HELP
« on: 02:13 AM - 07/19/18 »
What mouse are you using?
Reporting rate?
And what type of mousemat?

Does your mouse have on-board memory?


Linear version = twitch aim

Exponential version = smoother aim

Could you post those curves settings? I can easily make those too but Iím not going to be playing until tomorrow

They look pretty promising though!! I will definitely give it a shot on one of my alts

As of now I think I might have mastered expos settings finally.. played on my main in GM matches and I was told by a GM that he had never seen a carry so hard.  My friend and I mopped the floor in our placements
I don't have either of them set up on any game now, with the Apex, although I used both with the 4 when sniping in CoD (twitch for bolt actions and exponential for semi autos).


Linear version = twitch aim

Exponential version = smoother aim

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best mouse for 1000hz?
« on: 09:34 AM - 07/18/18 »
if your mouse would run a perfectly constant 1000hz, then there would be absolutly no problem in running xim 500hz and the mouse 1000hz
though since most mice have a lot of polling jitter on 1000hz this will automatically affect the lower polled xim too as it has to process the mouse inputs running on a jumpy polling rate
its not as bad as running 1000hz xim 1000hz mouse but there still is a noticeable stutter on slower mouse movements
the same stutter is pretty much gone when reducing the mouse to 500hz too

so both of you are right, it call comes down to the mouse and how constant its polling rate is :)
but tbh if your mouse runs great on 1000hz you might as well go 1000hz on the xim, unless you want more aim assist by going 500hz
I like a little AA, so even if my mouse polled constantly at 1k, I'd still run the Apex at 500, but as I said, my mouse doesn't have the option to change its reporting rate so I get pixel skipping if I set Apex to 1,000 Hz.

Thanks for clarifying Od1n.

I can't, however, seem to do these small, precise adjustments that allow me to hit the head shots that I am constantly going for..
Have you tried using a negative curve (to slow down down your reticle movement at the beginning of the curve)?

I did that and it didnít fix it. Itís almost like my mouse doesnít respond well when I move it. Or it doesnít do what Iím telling it. Also, why would me getting a new mouse pad change all of this? Just cloth and hard that diff?
Your clothpad has more friction than your hardpad. Put the two side by side and try your mouse on both. You can feel the difference, right? The threads in the QcK 'grip' the Zowie more than the smooth surface of your previous pad. It feels slower, but this gives you better control when making small movements than you had with your other pad. You'll need to use a tiny bit more strength to move the mouse the same as you did on your hard mousemat.

The Apex's red flashes simply indicate that you're moving your mouse faster than the maximum movement speed of the controller's analogue stick, wasting mouse speed. So as Od1n says, your reticle is moving more slowly than your mouse. You can slow down your flick speed until the Apex no longer flashes red, adjust your sensitivity downward until the Apex no longer flashes red or just live with the Apex flashing red.

You say your mouse feels more laggy. Are you saying that your mouse movements are not making your reticle move instantly or that your reticle is skipping pixels/jittery, on-screen?

General Discussion / Re: Upgrading to ps4 pro?
« on: 05:22 AM - 07/17/18 »
And itís on offer today in the Amazon Prime promotion: £299.

General Discussion / Re: Upgrading to ps4 pro?
« on: 03:00 AM - 07/16/18 »
"Worth the money" is always going to be down to personal opinion and solvency.
I have a Pro hooked up to a 4K monitor (LG 27UD58) and IMO graphics look hugely improved over the PS4 and a 1080p.
Do I think it's worth £650 just to get improved eye candy? Logically, probably not. Emotively, definitely.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Black ops 3 toggle ads question
« on: 11:28 AM - 07/13/18 »
^ Don't do this. This is how you can become desynced with the game.
Appreciate your opinion, but it works for me.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Black ops 3 toggle ads question
« on: 07:10 AM - 07/13/18 »
Uncheck Toggle ADS in XIM Manager and enable Toggle ADS in-game.

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