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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:44 PM - 06/07/18 »
sorry, just unplugged it and re plugged it back and it seems to be working

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:43 PM - 06/07/18 »
*nvm seems to be fixed*

Support / [RESOLVED] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:39 PM - 06/07/18 »
hey guys i just got my xim apex and i plugged everything in correctly, mouse in spot 1 keyboard in 2 etc and when im making my config and assigning keybinds it wont read. my keyboard is on and it worked perfectly with my xim4, any thoughts? keyboard: corsair k95 rgb platinum

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Upgrading to APEX
« on: 03:31 PM - 06/04/18 »
Decided to go ahead and buy the APEX im hyped after having the xim4 since it first launched

XIM APEX Discussions / Upgrading to APEX
« on: 06:55 PM - 06/03/18 »
Hey guys, i know im going to eventually upgrade to the apex however im thinking on spending the $$ now on it. Is there any real reason to switch? Any noticeable benefits? For example, is the 1ms noticeable compared to the xim4s 8ms? Thanks guys

Game Support / Conan Exiles?
« on: 10:04 PM - 05/08/18 »
hey guys when will there be a conan exiles translator

Hey guys, what do you guys use for leaning in siege? Ive been using my Primary keys for a while now ( i.e my default sprint and melee keys Shift+V) Or do you guys use secondary keys such as Q and E or maybe mouse buttons? Ive been seeing many people quick peek all the time and was just wondering thanks!!

We will opening again on Monday. What time is a good time for you?

haha anytime!

XIM APEX Discussions / When is the restock for XIM Apex
« on: 02:13 PM - 03/18/18 »
Hello guys, i saw last night the xim apex was actually in stock for once and what do you know less than a day later its out of stock again. Since these things are selling fast how long is the next restock to be expected? Is it possible to do a pre order or something for when its next available? Thanks

Game Support / Will updating firmware change feel of ST?
« on: 02:57 AM - 12/16/17 »
Hey im trying to get my perfect settings for r6 and right now im on SA3 Firmware because of ww2, should i update to the latest firmware to see if it would make anything better?

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty WW2 (Competitive)
« on: 07:18 PM - 11/12/17 »
This needed to be made good stuff

Game Support / need help with going back go SA3
« on: 08:36 PM - 11/10/17 »
I wanted to go back to sa3 cus of all the hype how would i go about that? i tried and it said it was already up to date

Support / Re: Random Power error
« on: 03:38 PM - 08/25/17 »
it was yellow and red yeah and i go to the manager it shows controller, keyboard, mouse slot with the power logo, i checked the controller on the ps4 and it has 3 bars

Support / [ACTIVE] Random Power error
« on: 02:48 PM - 08/25/17 »
Hey guys i randomly got a power error (flashing yellow) and my controller seems to have full bars no charge needed, i do have the corsair K95 RGB and ive had it on BIOS mode which always worked and a g303 but now i keep getting the power error :\ any suggestions

Game Support / R6S and Turn limit
« on: 05:54 PM - 08/10/17 »
hey guys i feel like in rainbow in order to turn fast you have to swipe fast and hit the turn limit because of the acceleration, anyone else feel this and does hitting the turn limit effect the xim in anyway

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